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people the population of Astana city
The number of small and medium business entities in Astana city
Peculiarities of construction and exploitation of metropolitan roads in a documentary film
A documentary film Observation wheel (Колесообозрения) brings up problems of road exploitation in the capital. Commentaries of leading specialists and experts in the sphere are presented there. Hot short summer and long cold winter are peculiar to Astana. Such temperature difference affects the lifespan of the roadbed. There is an issue of the necessity of groundwater and surface water drainage from the roads.
Examination of road quality and training of specialists performed in Astana
“Bureau Veritas” company is currently engaged in inspection of road paving quality in the capital. Gulzhan Bidibekova, the head of the certification department of IRCA “Bureau Veritas”: “There are a lot of large-scale projects in Astana. We’ve started developing a project connected with EXPO 2017, we take part in conferences. Of course, for “Bureau Veritas” as well. Astana is a special city”.
Control over water quality in reservoirs and swimming pools strengthened in the city
Today each sport center of the city has swimming pools. Cleaning and constant control of water quality are performed on a regular basis in order to make bathing in swimming pools safe for visitors’ health. Every day foreign particles and organ matter are removed by a special cleaner, then the water is filtered and cleaned with chemicals.
Annual charity campaign “Way to school” starts in Astana
As is reported to astana.kz by the Education Department of Astana city, this year “Way to school” charity campaign is held from August 1 through September 30, under a slogan “Give the good to children!” This campaign is held all across the country in order to help children from needy families in preparations for the academic year.
18.07.2014 00:00
14.07.2014 09:00
17.08.2014 15:00 | Korme exposition center
National Dog Show Astana Cup
02.08.2014 13:00 | Astana Rock Club (territory of tech park)
2nd Annual Rock Festival Open sky of rock-n-roll
01.07.2014—31.07.2014 | CLS libraries
PR campaign Oqy, Astana! Read
30.05.2014—15.08.2014 | Palace of Independence
Exhibition devoted to the Memorial Day of victims of political repressions, Zhoktau territory
01.07.2014—30.07.2014 | Childrens library No.3
Flash campaign Алақай жазкелді,кітап оқитын кезкелді
02.07.2014—14.09.2014 | National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Four centuries of Russian paintings exhibition