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people the population of Astana city
The number of small and medium business entities in Astana city
First international meeting of National Commissions for UNESCO successfully completed in Astana
The first international meeting of National Commissions for UNESCO has successfully completed in the capital. At the closing ceremony results of the work were summarized. Recall that one of the results in inclusion of a number of Kazakhstani historical objects into the UNESCO World Heritage List, and inclusion of two natural reserves into the World net of biosphere territories.
Astana citizens like going to the cinema at the weekend
At the weekend, after a long work week, citizens try to spend their time together with their families, have a rest and go to places of entertainment in the city. Cinema theatres are very popular among citizens. There are 6 cinema theatres functioning in Astana. Every day they show approximately 10-15 movies. Along with that, each movie is shown throughout the day, that is why it’s easy to go to an interesting movie.
Peculiarities of construction and exploitation of metropolitan roads in a documentary film
A documentary film Observation wheel (Колесообозрения) brings up problems of road exploitation in the capital. Commentaries of leading specialists and experts in the sphere are presented there. Hot short summer and long cold winter are peculiar to Astana. Such temperature difference affects the lifespan of the roadbed. There is an issue of the necessity of groundwater and surface water drainage from the roads.
830 residential houses in Almaty district ready for the heating season
Previously meetings were held with owners of apartments, where scope of works was determined and announced, and collection of targeted funds was organized. As a result, roof repair was performed in 43 houses, heat-supply networks were replaced in 37 houses, heat-exchange units were installed in 12 houses, water-supply networks were repaired in 80 houses, and electric networks were repaired in 60 houses.
18.07.2014 00:00
14.07.2014 09:00
17.08.2014 15:00 | Korme exposition center
National Dog Show Astana Cup
02.08.2014 13:00 | Astana Rock Club (territory of tech park)
2nd Annual Rock Festival Open sky of rock-n-roll
01.07.2014—31.07.2014 | CLS libraries
PR campaign Oqy, Astana! Read
30.05.2014—15.08.2014 | Palace of Independence
Exhibition devoted to the Memorial Day of victims of political repressions, Zhoktau territory
01.07.2014—30.07.2014 | Childrens library No.3
Flash campaign Алақай жазкелді,кітап оқитын кезкелді
02.07.2014—14.09.2014 | National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Four centuries of Russian paintings exhibition