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people the population of Astana city
The number of small and medium business entities in Astana city
84 500 applicants passed complex testing
Complex testing was held in Kazakhstan on July 19-22. This year it involved 84 490 applicants. This information is shared with astana.kz by the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Every year, the complex testing is passed by graduates of technical and vocational educational institutions, graduates of regular educational institutions who didn’t take part in the UNT, graduates of schools with not Kazakh and not Russian language of tuition, graduates of republican music boarding schools, as well as schoolchildren who studied abroad under the international exchange program.
Peculiarities of construction and exploitation of metropolitan roads in a documentary film
A documentary film Observation wheel (Колесообозрения) brings up problems of road exploitation in the capital. Commentaries of leading specialists and experts in the sphere are presented there. Hot short summer and long cold winter are peculiar to Astana. Such temperature difference affects the lifespan of the roadbed. There is an issue of the necessity of groundwater and surface water drainage from the roads. Problems associated with studded tires are described in the film, as well as their solution in the world practice, issues of ecology and health.
The best metropolitan social project to represent Astana at the republican level
Astana citizens can take part in a competition for the best social project. It is held for the second time at a scale of the country and the city. The contest’s main purpose is to tell about the life of people with disabilities, their talents and achievements. As of today 7 applications have been filed. It’s anticipated that the project will involve up to 20 projects. All projects engaged in the contest have been implemented this year. They are aimed at physical and emotional rehabilitation of people with disabilities.
Original ballet “Alem” to be staged in the Mariinsky Theatre
Metropolitan choreographic group “Astana Ballet” will share their creative work with the Russian spectator. The dancers will present a one-act ballet “Alem” in Saint Petersburg as part of XXII Music Festival “Stars of white nights”. This information is shared with astana.kz by the press service of “Astana Ballet”. According to the director of the ensemble, participation in this prestige festival is a result of hard work. Recall that the premiere of this performance was successfully held in Astana a month ago.
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01.07.2014—31.07.2014 | CLS libraries
PR campaign Oqy, Astana! Read
30.05.2014—15.08.2014 | Palace of Independence
Exhibition devoted to the Memorial Day of victims of political repressions, Zhoktau territory
20.06.2014—20.07.2014 | Palace of Independence
Kazakhstani painter Yuliya Ismambetova, personal exhibition Meeting in a journey (Встреча в пути)
14.07.2014—20.07.2014 | Palace of Peace and Accord
the 45th International Olympiad in physics, Daryn center
01.07.2014—30.07.2014 | Childrens library No.3
Flash campaign Алақай жазкелді,кітап оқитын кезкелді
02.07.2014—14.09.2014 | National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Four centuries of Russian paintings exhibition