Akim of Astana
Number of the Day
tenge will be received by veterans of WW II for the VIctory Day
population of Astana city
Stories of the great Victory: “Spirit of patriotism helped us at the war”
Mikhail Nikolayevich is one of the heroes of our time. During the Great Patriotic war he was protecting the motherland from the enemy, and he was only 20 years of age. He started this thorny way being a lieutenant and became a captain with 4 orders and over 20 medals. The veteran remembers everything about the years spent at the war. Mikhail Nikolayevich served in the 29th guards corps.
Campaign for skin diseases detection being held at markets in Astana
Within the framework of implementation of the State program of healthcare development of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Salamatty Kazakhstan” for 2011-2015, a month for early detection of skin diseases is being held in Astana. This information was given to astana.kz by the metropolitan Dermatology Center.
Astana to be decorated with high-angle flowers and ornamental designs this year
This year in Astana at the city sites, along carriageways of intersections and bridges vertical flower compositions will be introduced, with the use of framing structures in different forms from flower seeds and ground-covering plants. This information was given to astana.kz by the press service of Astana city akim’s central office.
Number of streets to be blocked on May holidays
Traffic is to be limited in the capital during preparation and conduct of festive events dedicates to the People’s Unity Day of Kazakhstan and Fatherland Defender’s Day. This has been announced today by deputy head of the Administrative police department Nurlan Uvayev at the press conference in the International media center. Starting on May 7, at 07.00 in the morning.
26.04.2014 19:00 | National art gallery “Astana
Concert “Atadan mura”
26.04.2014 16:00 | Palace of Peace and Accord
Festive concert “Shattyk Otany” dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Atyrau music college after Dina Nurpeisova
24.04.2014—26.04.2014 | Congress Hall
KVN. Zhaidarman
23.04.2014 19:00 | Congress Hall
Concert “Zhagyrym ai”
23.04.2014 19:00 | Organ Hall
Concert “Dumandy Tobyl”
21.04.2014 19:00 | State Academic Russian Drama theatre named after M. Gorky
Tour of Zhambyl regional Russian Drama theatre of Taraz city