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Weather conditions

The Department of emergency situations of the city of Nur Sultan reports that according to the RSE "Kazhydromet" on July 23-24, a thunderstorm, a squall of hail is expected. Wind North-West, West, with gusts of 15-18 m/s.

Reason: Storm warning

Beginning: 22.07.2019 г. 15:30 ч.
Ending: 25.07.2019 г. 00:00 ч.

Emergency works

R. Saryarka. RP-43 Yach. 3, emergency shutdown of the line Valencia-Spain, under the off: Akboken street, Tlendiev St., building zhaiylma, St. Turlybayeva

  • проспект Нургиса Тлендиева
  • District САРЫАРКА, ДОМ
  • улица Акбокен
  • улица Жайылма

Reason: Emergency shutdown

Beginning: 22.07.2019 г. 04:30 ч.
Ending: 22.07.2019 г. 08:30 ч.

Emergency works

Emergency shutdown on water supply to the press "Koktal-2", the intersection of Akmola street and Ulytau street. Gust of water D=100mm. Under shutdown: Akmola street, Ulytau street, Barshyn street

  • улица Акмола
  • улица Баршын
  • улица Улытау

Reason: Emergency shutdown

Beginning: 18.07.2019 г. 23:50 ч.
Ending: 19.07.2019 г. 03:00 ч.

Emergency works

Emergency work on TP-1425 Yach.8. Under disconnect: W/M Komsomolskaya St. Domalak Ana str TUMAR xanim, St. Umay Ana, St. Bayan Sulu str Kyz Zhibek str Aisha Bibi Khanym St. TUMAR, E -246

  • улица Домалак Ана
  • улица Тумар Ханым
  • улица Умай Ана
  • улица Баян Сулу
  • улица Кыз Жибек
  • улица Айша Биби
  • улица Тумар Ханым

Reason: Emergency shutdown

Beginning: 18.07.2019 г. 15:56 ч.
Ending: 18.07.2019 г. 18:30 ч.

Emergency works

Emergency shutdown on water supply on Zhubanova street 37, a gust of water supply D=500mm. Under shutdown: Zhubanov street 29,29/1,31/1, Brusilovsky street 26,26/1,28

  • улица Ахмета Жубанова
  • District БАЙКОНЫР, улица Ахмета Жубанова
  • District БАЙКОНЫР, улица Ахмета Жубанова
  • улица Евгения Брусиловского
  • District БАЙКОНЫР, улица Евгения Брусиловского
  • улица Евгения Брусиловского

Reason: Emergency shutdown

Beginning: 18.07.2019 г. 15:50 ч.
Ending: 18.07.2019 г. 20:30 ч.

Emergency works

R. Saryarka. PS "Astana" Yach. 401. Emergency shutdown.

  • проспект Богенбай Батыра
  • улица Алиби Жангельдина
  • улица Султанмахмута Торайгырова
  • проспект Республики
  • улица Мухтара Ауэзова
  • улица Желтоксан
  • улица Бейбитшилик
  • улица Сакена Сейфуллина

Reason: Emergency shutdown

Beginning: 16.07.2019 г. 18:30 ч.
Ending: 16.07.2019 г. 20:00 ч.

Emergency works

R. Saryarka. A burst water pipe D=100mm. The water supply is organized.

  • District САРЫАРКА, улица Конституция, ДОМ 20, 18, 20/2, 22, 20а, 20/1
  • District САРЫАРКА, улица Куляш Байсеитовой, ДОМ 4, 2, 2/1
  • District САРЫАРКА, улица Карасай Батыра, ДОМ 29, 29/1, 31/1

Reason: Emergency shutdown

Beginning: 16.07.2019 г. 18:00 ч.
Ending: 16.07.2019 г. 23:00 ч.

Information about public transport

To date, the state "Department of transport and development of road transport infrastructure of the city of Nur-Sultan" together with the Department of administrative police of the CITY of Nur-Sultan in the framework of the average repair of roads are working on the Avenue of the Republic. In this connection, from 17 to 20 July this year on the Avenue of the Republic in the area from the Avenue. Bogenbay Batyr to Kenesary street will be partially blocked the movement of vehicles. Residents and guests of the capital need to plan their routes in advance to avoid congestion on the roads of the city. Due to the tight deadlines for the completion of repair work, work on the above site will be carried out around the clock (day and night). We apologize for the inconvenience and ask residents and visitors to understand the repair process and the clock mode of work.

  • District САРЫАРКА, проспект Республики

Reason: Road closures

Beginning: 16.07.2019 г. 16:00 ч.
Ending: 20.07.2019 г. 08:00 ч.

Emergency works

Esil River. PS "Zarechnaya" the ball.123. Emergency shutdown. W/M "Tel'mana"

  • улица Каратобе
  • улица Ушкопир
  • улица Жидели
  • проспект Алихана Бокейхана
  • улица Орал

Reason: Emergency operation

Beginning: 16.07.2019 г. 14:30 ч.
Ending: 16.07.2019 г. 18:00 ч.

Emergency works

R. Baikonur. Ul. Pushkin 15. The rush of water supply system D=150 mm. under the shutdown: Pushkina str 15,15 a.

  • District БАЙКОНЫР, улица Александра Пушкина, ДОМ 15

Reason: Emergency shutdown

Beginning: 15.07.2019 г. 19:40 ч.
Ending: 15.07.2019 г. 22:00 ч.