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03.03.2016, 12:15 Media Centre / News
5 385 Facilities Have Been Legalized in the Capital

According to Astana Department of State Revenues, there are 5 385 facilities in the amount of 21.2 billion tenge, as well as funds in the amount of 122.2 billion tenge, that have been legalized in the capital as for today.

Commissions under the authority of the capitals local executive bodies received 5 775 applications for a total amount of 76.2 billion tenge overall for the legalization of property located in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

There were 45 special declarations received by the state revenues authorities of Astana in the amount of 122.2 billion tenge submitted by depositing funds to the current account opened in the second-tier bank without payment of a fee for the funds legalization. It should be noted that this indicator has increased by 14.7 times in comparison with the previous month.

The capitals financial offices are encouraging the citizens to actively participate in the legalization of property, funds, as well as noting that it is necessary to address to the state revenues authorities of the capital to legalize funds and securities, and contact the commissions under the authority of mayors offices to legalize the unregistered property. Documents are processed within a month, and a decision is made. The data is then entered into the register, and the property registration is carried out.

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