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07.07.2016, 14:05 News / Astana: The Heart of The Country!
Asset Issekeshev Has Headed the Capital’s Branch of "Nur Otan" Party

Today, the new mayor of Astana has been elected as the Chairman of the City Branch of “Nur Otan” Party at the extraordinary party conference chaired by the First Deputy Chairman of the party, Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed.

When representing Asset Issekeshev, Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed emphasized that the capital has become one of the key industrial centers of Kazakhstan, having been transformed from a subsidized city into the donor-region of the republican budget.

Gross regional product of Astana has already exceeded four and a half trillion tenge. There are educational and medical clusters, powerful locomotive and car building complex, as well as new transport and logistics center, which is the largest one in Central Asia and Siberia, established in the city.

The First Deputy Chairman of "Nur Otan" Party stressed out that Astana is the embodiment of the triumph of independence of Kazakhstan and now there are new important challenges to be settled by the city.

"The Head of State has outlined the innovation sector as a priority area of Astana development, which will allow creating an entirely new economic model and ensuring the achievement of our main strategic goal: becoming one of the World’s Top 30 Leading Countries. On the eve of EXPO-2017 International Exhibition this issue is of particular relevance, and "Nur Otan" Party should ensure strict control over the quality of execution of our Leader’s instructions", - highlighted Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed.

In addition, the First Deputy Chairman of "Nur Otan" Party has reminded the audience about the need for one-hundred percent implementation of the Plan of the Nation: "100 Concrete Steps" and "Nurly Zhol" Program, in which the party also has an important audit function.

Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed has expressed confidence that the capital’s Branch of "Nur Otan" Party will be able to ensure the effective implementation of the President's instructions under the chairmanship of Asset Issekeshev.

The conference participants have supported the proposed candidacy.

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