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1000 Sites – Street Vending

28.09.2016, 22:55

“1000 Sites – Street Vending” program was developed in order to support small and medium-sized businesses by the Mayor’s Office of Astana.

The approved types of street vending include: wheels on meals, coffee shops, bakeries, ice cream shops, sale of newspapers, vegetables, fruits, gift shops and flower stalls.

Terms for the exterior of the pavilions, materials to be used, dimensions and other requirements have been attached (presentation).

Individual entrepreneurs or legal entities registered in the manner prescribed by law and not having arrears on taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget are eligible to participate in the competition for allocation of land plots.

Applications shall be accepted only from small and medium-sized businesses. When submitting an application, it is required to enclose the following documents:

1) application form (sample);

2) a copy of the certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur or legal entity;

3) a document certifying the authorities of the representative (if required);

4) tax clearance certificate at the time of application submission;

5) entrepreneurs applying for a land plot with the area less than 9 sq. m. are required to provide a draft of the commercial facility.

6) entrepreneurs applying for a land plot with the area of 9 sq. m. and more are required to provide information about the manufacturer indicating its address.

The following entities are not eligible to participate in the competition:

1) public legal entities;

2) members of the Commission;

3) Secretaryof the Commission;

4) persons who have won in previous competitions, but have not fulfilled their obligations under the terms of the sublease agreement.

Invitation to applications submission is published at website. A list of land plots, indicating address, area and cost of rent per year, is published on the website along with the invitation.

Documents are submitted electronically through website within 15 calendar days from the date of the invitation.

A land plot is provided for rent for a period of 7 years.

A contract, which provides compliance with aesthetic, sanitary and fire safety standards, is signed with the business entity; at the same time, the amount of rent will depend on the zoning (passability) according to the passability and remoteness criteria (the draft contract attached).

Any details can be obtained by contacting “Astana” SPK” NC” JSC, Tel: 55-49-73, Mobile: 8 778 375 24 07, and Astana Office of Entrepreneurship and Industry, Tel: 55-69-13; an email has been also created for the convenience of business entities, through which information on the implementation issues will be provided.

Any use of materials is allowed with the reference to the official website of Astana city