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20.01.2017, 12:02 News / Shared Construction
The Mayor’s Office of the Capital Has Developed a Portal for Shared Construction Issues

A portal for shared construction issues, aimed at clear clarification of the information to citizens participating in the shared housing construction, has been developed by the Mayor’s Office of Astana for effective implementation of the new law on shared construction and in order to ensure the transparency of the works carried out.

The information resource provides all the necessary information for developers and shared construction investors. At the same time, a single map, which reflects all of the facilities of shared construction of the city, has been published. The map includes two areas: problem facilities and facilities that are under construction according to the norms of the new legislation. The portal users will be also able to become familiar with the status of the facility and obtain information about the progress and stages of the construction works. In addition, the portal will be receiving requests from the owners of housing in regard to problem facilities in order to work closely with the citizens.

The main advantages of the portal are as follows: provision of prompt response to the requests of citizens, ensuring transparency, availability of relevant information on residential facilities, access to the single database of all requests, intuitive interface for all the categories of users.

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