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01.02.2017, 11:16 News / Traffic Management
Zebra Crosswalk Has Been Removed on Kabanbai Avenue

In order to ensure road safety, zebra crosswalk will be removed from Kabanbai Batyr Avenue (Saltanat Saraiy) on February 3.

Given the location of zebra crosswalk near the existing signal controlled intersection of Kabanbai Batyr Avenue - Korgalzhyn Highway (equipped with traffic light signaling), as well as the category of road (Kabanbai Batyr Ave.) and technical specifications (6 lanes, traffic volume), in order to avoid the creation of emergency situations by road users when pedestrians are crossing the road, dismantling of zebra crosswalk located on Kabanbai Batyr is provided.

After dismounting of traffic signs and road markings, construction of fencing along the road is provided.

For a safe crossing of Kabanbai Batyr Ave., it is required to proceed to the intersection of Kabanbai Batyr - Korgalzhyn Highway and use the signaling traffic light.

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