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18.03.2017, 16:50 News / Culture
Nauryz Meiramy Celebration Has Started in Suburban Areas of Astana


Suburban Residential Areas of Astana started celebrating Nauryz Meiramy. Today since early morning concerts are held in the villages of Michurino and Kuygenzhar. Dossymzhan Tanatarov, Dos, Marzhan Arapbayeva, the Salykovs family, "Alaman" Trio, Assem Omarova, "Saryrka" Band, Diart Trio, "Inkarim" Dance Band and others are performing for the guests.

Local residents take an active part in the celebration of Nauryz: a rich dastarkhan with national treats such as beshbarmak, baursaks, Nauryz-Kozhe has been served for all the guests, and school students are presenting concert performances on the same stage with Kazakhstani pop stars.

Thanks to the holiday, there is traditional Kazakh atmosphere in the villages of Michurino and Kuygenzhar: senior ladies are demonstrating to the younger generation how the customs of "Bata Beru", "Tusau Keser", "Besikke Salu" are held, as well as how the game of "Qyz Quu" is arranged.

This year, much attention is paid to the celebration of Nauryz not only in Astana, but also in suburban residential areas. Tomorrow, on March 19, from 11 am, the festive concert of "Qosh Keldin, Az Nauryz!" will be held in the village of Promyshlenniy, at the same time Internatsionalniy Village will host an event of "Nauryz Berekem", on March 20 Nauryz will be celebrated by residents of Zheleznodorozhniy Village. On March 21, concerts and events will be organized in residential areas of Prigorodniy and Urker (Ilyinka), on March 22 - in the villages of Koktal-1, Koktal-2 and Ondiris.

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