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25.09.2017, 18:49 News / Law and Order
The Office for Emergency Situations of Yessil District Has Provided Clarifications on Fire Safety Regulations

On September 25, employees of the Office for Emergency Situations of Yessil District have partly visited the private sector of Prigorodniy Residential Area together with the LPS of Astana DIA and the Mayor’s Office of Yessil District.

As a part of the campaign, raid covering 120 people in places of possible finding of homeless persons has been carried out. Employees have visited dysfunctional families, disabled people, provided clarifications on the fire safety standards and regulations along with the delivery of memos.

In addition, employees have told about measures of fire safety at home, as well as warned citizens about danger at making fires, burning garbage in their territories through the loud-speakers installed on fire trucks in order to carry out propaganda and explanatory work.

Today, videos containing propaganda and preventive information about measures of fire safety are broadcasted for prevention of fires. TV channels are broadcasting the scrolling text with the main requirements of the regulations. Memos on fire safety are being disseminated among the population.

The carried-out work has positively affected the situation with fires and led to the decrease of fires by 17.6% (506 fires in 2016, 614 fires in 2015), the number of deaths of people has decreased by 35% (13 people in 2016, 20 people in 2015).

OES of Yessil District urges all citizens to follow fire safety regulations. Special attention should be paid to the state of the electric appliances, heating, ways of evacuation, placement of combustible materials and liquids.

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