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29.10.2014, 17:23 Media Centre / News
Preliminary Forecast for the Upcoming Winter

October is coming to its end, the last autumn month is on the turn, and thus the winter is not far off. Employees of Kazgidromet told about things that Astana residents should wait in winter. 

Gulmira Akisheva, the Head of Long-Term Weather Forecasts Department at Kazgydromet RSE: 

In the upcoming days, with the retreat of the cold anticyclone, we are expecting a gradual warming with increase in air temperature. It will occur in early November, and the thermometer indices will rise to 8 degrees Celsius. Since November 4, 5, with the coming of the next anticyclone, we are expecting precipitation, which will be accompanied by strong winds of up to 15-20 m/s and a snowstorm. 

According to preliminary forecast, the first two decades of November are expected to be warm, but precipitation. Classic winter with the onset of stable snow cover will occur in the third decade of November. Then the temperature will fall to 26 degrees below zero. Regarding December, the month is expected to be cold and frosty, the coldest date of that month will be December 15. 

Gulmira Akisheva, the Head of Long-Term Weather Forecasts Department at Kazgydromet RSE: 

According to preliminary forecast, we will have the New Year with sparkling snow and moderate frost. As for January and February, those months are also expected to be cold. In January, the minimum temperature will drop to 43 degrees below zero at night and minus 30-35 degrees during the day. 

According to the weather forecasters, the winter is expected to be protracted as it is very cold. However, we should recall that the forecast is preliminary therefore some adjustments are quite possible.

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