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08.01.2015, 16:12 News / Transport and Roads
Capitals Policemen explained Child Car Seats Standards

In connection with the new Traffic Regulations, since January 7, 2015 correct choice of car seats or other restraints issue became topical among the capitals drivers.

According to Astana DIA OAP, Chapter 22 of Traffic Regulations Transportation of Passengers includes amendment regarding transportation of children in the car: it is not allowed to transport children up to 12 in the absence of a special child restraint device or other means that allow fastening a child with a seatbelt designed for a vehicle, as well as in the front seat of a motor vehicle in case of special child restraint absence.

Article 593 of the RoK Administrative Code provides a fine of 5 MCI for failure to comply with these requirements; fine will also include 10 MCI in case of repeated offense within one year after the imposition of an administrative penalty.

In accordance with RK ST Standard 41.44-2012, Child restraint is the aggregate of elements consisting of straps or flexible components with buckles, adjusting devices, fasteners, and, in some cases, additional devices (e.g., child cradle, removable child seat, additional seat and/or shockproof shield) which can be attached to the inside of the body of motor vehicles. 

Thus, along with the car seats for reliable retention of a child, car cradles and booster cushions, which are also classified as Child restraints (CR), as well as other means that allow fastening a child with seatbelts, are used in cars.

In accordance with the specified Standard, CRs are divided into 4 groups:

0 Group (the so-called car cradles)

Approximate passenger age is from birth to 6 months. Baby weight is less than 10 kg. Installation  sideways to the travel direction.

0+ Group (childrens car seats)

Approximate age of a baby is from birth to 1 year. Weight is not more than 13 kg. Installation  face against the traffic direction.

Group I (childrens car seats)

Approximate age is from 9 months to 4 years. Passenger weight is 9-18 kg. Installation method is in the traffic direction (car seats of 0/I universal group can be installed in two versions: in the travel direction and against it).

Group II (childrens car seats and baby seats)

Approximate age of a passenger is 3-7 years. Weight is from 15 to 25 kg. Installation method is in the traffic direction.

Group III (childrens car seats and baby seats)

Approximate age is from 6 to 12 years. Passenger weight is 22-36 kg. Installation  facing the traffic direction.

Child restraints are divided into four categories depending on attachment methods:

- universal  installed on the front and rear seats and secured only by a safety belt for adults;

- restricted  installed on certain seats only that are provided in specific types of vehicles;

- semi-universal  are set by the lower and additional fasteners;

- specific vehicle  set with anchorages designed by the vehicle or the child restraint manufacturer.

When buying certain chair it is necessary to know which fastening devices are available in the car.

It is necessary to set an ISOFIX.

Side rear seats of vehicles are equipped with ISOFIX anchorages. This is a universal standard for fastening a child seat to the car body. It is used for 0+ and I Groups Seats only, where children are fastened with internal seat belts. In the premium-class models the front passenger seat can also be equipped with it. And in vehicles with a spacious interior only (most often it includes minivans and large off-road vehicles) all three rear seats are equipped with ISOFIX.

According to crash tests in case of car accidents, kids that are not fastened and fixed in child restraints often receive injuries incompatible with life. Scientific works results which were carried out in a number of foreign countries found that when using child seats mortality among affected children in car accidents is reduced by more than 80%, the number of serious body injuries  by 64-80%, and light injuries  70% .

An unpredictable situation might happen on the road, and, in such circumstances, only the restraining device will save the most precious thing that a parent has  the child!

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