Finds from the Royal mound will be sent to Almaty and Italy for research

Part of the finds from the Royal mound, the excavations of which began two weeks ago near Astana, will go to Almaty and Italy. This is done in order to find out exactly in what century the burial was made. Also, with the help of special studies, it will be possible to find out the origin, development, physical structure and racial characteristics of a person, the official website of Astana akimat reports.

Within two weeks of hard work of archaeologists, seven introductory, that is, later, burials were excavated. According to the head of the archaeological group, candidate of historical Sciences, Director of the research Institute maral Khabdulina, the funeral rite indicates that the studied graves of people presumably date back to the 15th-16th centuries.

«It should be noted that they are buried according to the Muslim tradition. Seven graves were dug on the mound. Of the seven graves, two were decorated. We believe that one grave belongs to a woman, in the burial was found a bronze earring and silver thread. And the other girl, in her grave we saw an engagement ring on her right hand, « said Maral Khabdulina.

The mound is located in the tract Kuygenzhar, at the exit in the direction of Karaganda. Now on the edge of the Saka burial ground there is a modern Kazakh cemetery. Covered with a stone shell mound has a height of 4 m, diameter-60 m.

«Currently, there are 46 historical and cultural monuments of local importance in Astana. Of these 46 monuments, 12 are archaeological. Within the framework of the program» rukhani zhangyru» this year it is planned to conduct research on four archaeological monuments, and this hill is the beginning of work», – said the head of the Department of culture and sports Askar Kalibayev.

According to him, the choice of carrying out research of an Imperial barrow is caused by that on the edge of a burial ground there is a cemetery. One or two graves are located directly next to each other.

«If you look at the cemetery, you can see the bottom layer of the earth. The soil layer is yellow, brown. To find out in which century the burial was made, we will send the roots of the teeth to Italy, and for anthropological analysis the discovery of bones will go to Almaty. With this study, you can find out the origin, development, physical structure and racial characteristics of a person,» concluded Maral Khabdulina.

Recall that in the framework of the state program «Rouhani Zhangiru» excavations of the Royal mound, located in the tract of Kuygenzhar. The work was initiated by the mayor's office of Astana. The coordinator of the burial ground research is the Metropolitan Department of culture and sports, the excavations are carried out by the Esil archaeological expedition of the Eurasian national University. L. N. Gumilev, together with the research Institute of archaeology. K. Akishev.

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