«Silk Way Series Astana» international competitions in track cycling ended

From 12 to 14 September at the Republican cycle track «Sary-ARKA» held the international competitions in Cycling on the track of the Silk Way Series Astana. The competition was attended by cyclists from Armenia, Belarus, Hungary, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Russia, including bronze medalist of the European championship Mamyr stash and medalist of the world championship, European champion Edgar Stepanyan. Athletes fought for medals in 4 types of disciplines: Omnium, sprint, scratch and keirin.

It is worth noting that Silk Way Series Astana is a CL2 class competition in which cyclists have the opportunity to earn points necessary to participate in the world Cups. In scratch the gold medal was won by the racer from Armenia Edgar Stepanyan.

«This is my second visit to Astana, last time I came here for the world Junior Championships. Like last time, organization is very happy. I feel at home here. It is very important for me because I came here alone. Special thanks to the Armenian Embassy, whose representatives came here to support me. It was an additional incentive for me to win», - Edgar Stepanyan said.

Second place in scratch took Russian Mamyr stash.

The third – Kazakhstan Gabiden Azen. The Omnium was won by Russian rider Mamyr stash.

«The race was very good for me, special thanks to the organizers, – says Mamyr stash. - The opponents were all strong, but I was a little stronger. I came here to earn points for the world Cups. I plan to take part in two world Cups – in Germany and the UK. I was in Astana for the first time, before that I was in Almaty – participated In the «tour of Almaty». I liked the Astana track».

The silver medal in Omnium was won by Edgar Stepanyan, bronze-by Azen Gabiden. In the sprint - in the individual sprint and keirin both gold medals went to the owners of the competition. Sprint was the best Kazakhstan rider Paul Vorzheva.

«Difficult day was, drove all day, – Pavel Vorzhev comments. - I did not prepare for this race purposefully, I rested after the Asian games. Taking into account my current form, I am very happy with the result. Competitors are serious. Dubchenko bad drives, for example, in world Cups well proved themselves. Nosov in Lithuania had a great time. They joke that came to take revenge for Tula. In Tula I won against them, thought, maybe, they will arrive here, will win too. But no, it was impossible to allow it (laughs). And after the injury I feel fine, but the shoulder will heal for a long time

Pavel Vorzhev was seriously injured in the Cup of China in preparation for the Asian games. The second place in the sprint was taken by Russian Alexey Nosov.

The third winner is the citizen of Kazakhstan Sergey Ponomarev. In Carina best was Sergey Ponomarev.

«The race was excellent, the competition was strong, – said Sergey Ponomarev. - We hope that next year the race will be a higher class. The task was to earn points for the upcoming world Cups. I was a little short to qualify. In the sprint I qualified, now I believe in Carine I am. And at the world Cups the goal is to earn points for the 2020 Olympics. I believe that I will succeed.»

Third place - russian Alexander Dubchenko. «The Silk Way Series competition in Astana was especially important for us,» says Valentin Savitsky, coach of the Kazakhstan sprint team. - To win the last rating points for Sergey Ponomarev before the closing of the international rating to get to the world Cups. Thus, these points are won. Now in the pool of riders who can take part in the world Cups, there are two athletes – Pavel Vorzhev and Sergei Ponomarev. Quotas are national. Now we have two quotas: in sprint and in keirin».

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