How to enroll a child with cerebral palsy in a specialized rehabilitation center

Enroll children with disabilities in rehabilitation centers seems difficult and long process. Director of the public charity Fund «Kasietti Zhol» Gulmira Abeldinova gradually described the process of receiving children for treatment.

To date, 19 thousand children of Kazakhstan have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, 1169 of them live in the capital. For full treatment, children need to undergo rehabilitation in specialized centers. Supported by the city administration and charity Foundation «Kzhol» operate in Astana rehabilitation center «Kasietti Zhol» and the early intervention centre «Balapan», to provide highly qualified assistance.

To enroll a child for rehabilitation, first of all, it is necessary to collect all the necessary documents, including certificates with diagnosis, medical indications, discharge from the hospital and the results of tests.

«When people come to us, we find out first of all the age of the child and the place of residence. If the child is 0 to 2 years old, we send him to the early intervention center «Balapan». If children are from 2 to 15, we send them to our centers in Astana and Shymkent. We have two criteria: children should fit the diagnosis, we neuroorthopedical direction (cerebral palsy and other diseases) and the criterion of neediness. That is, our Fund provides free comprehensive rehabilitation for children from low-income families, children's homes and orphanages in Kazakhstan. To do this, parents must submit documents so that we determine the per capita income of each family member. According to our criterion, it should be no more than 30 MCI for each family member,» Gulmira Abeldinova shares the nuances of admission to rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation center «Kasietti Zhol» is located on the basis of the 2nd city children's hospital. The whole complex of rehabilitation is 21 days. It includes examinations of specialists (neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, orthopedists, physical therapists, physical therapist), plus daily individual physical therapy sessions, sessions with occupational therapist, speech therapist, speech pathologist, hardware physical therapy, kinesitherapy, physiotherapy, pool, digital procedures, vibromassages, phototherapy, thermotherapy. The center also accepts children with severe disorders,such as concomitant epilepsy, children with artificial lung ventilation.

The capital center «Kasietti Zhol» receives children from 2 to 15 years from all regions of Kazakhstan, except South Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda and Zhambyl regions. The children of these southern regions are undergoing rehabilitation in Shymkent.

«We provide nonresident children and their mothers with free accommodation and food, that is, we buy wards in the hospital and place children and their parents there. Every month 10 children from the regions of Kazakhstan receive free rehabilitation, accommodation and food», – said the Director of the Fund.

During the period from 2014 to 2018, 2824 children underwent comprehensive rehabilitation in the centers of Astana and Shymkent, the indicators of results in the motor and speech sphere are growing dynamically. Registration of children for rehabilitation courses is an important step that contributes to the physical, mental and social development of a child with disabilities.

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