Akimat discussed issues of stabilization of prices for essential products

According to the official website of capital akimat, at the meeting in the city akimat under the chairmanship of Astana akim Bakhyt Sultanov issues on stabilization of prices for essential products were considered.

During the meeting, the head of the Department for investment and enterprise development of Astana Alisher Abdykadyrov and Chairman of the Board of JSC «SEC Astana» Nurlan Zhakupov reported to the head of the city on the measures taken on the issues raised. It was noted that over the past four years, inflation in the city shows a moderate and stable growth dynamics, amounting to 7.5%.

 «We are to increase the price level among the regions are on the 3rd place. This is a good indicator», - Abdykadyrov said.

In his opinion, the capital achieved good results thanks to the program of preferential crediting of retail chains, which JSC «SEC Astana» began to implement in 2016.

«We provide networks with an interest-free loan, they receive money for their liquidity and fix prices, that is, we shift the risk of price growth to them. This is a more market mechanism that has shown its effectiveness, « he said.

To date, cooperation agreements have been signed with supermarkets «Astykzhan» and hypermarkets «Kenmart». In accordance with the terms of the network have fixed prices for 25 commodities. These are: pasta, butter, flour, milk, sour cream, salt, cheese, eggs, chicken and bread.

«Thanks to this system, we are now on the 8th position among other regions in terms of price growth, we want to expand the program, increase the number of goods in the list of fixed and, of course, attract other networks», - Zhakupov said.

 According to the monitoring, today the cost of rice varies in the trading houses of the city from 240 to 300 tenge. At the same time, the minimum price of 240 tenge per kilogram of rice is set in the market «Shapagat». Similarly, buckwheat (110 tenge, LLP «Shapagat, 180 – th «Artem», 150 – th ASEM), pasta (from 270 tenge per kg in LLP «Shapagat», 320 – th «Artem», 330 – in the house «Alem»). Flour is 210 tenge per kg in the «Shapagat», 360 – th «Artem», 350 – in the house «Alem» and 280-300 tenge for kg is in the house «ASEM». Tea, sugar, salt and sunflower oil can also be bought here with significant savings. For example, tea is cheaper by about 200 tenge. Here you can buy for 150-250 tenge per kilogram cheaper meat and meat products, as well as milk and dairy products.

«Every fifth kilogram of meat in the city is sold at the market «Shapagat», where the price is the lowest in the city – 1350 tenge per kilogram. And the average price in the city is 1680 tenge», – concluded Abdykadyrov.

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