Restoration in the city markets of Astana

Akimat of Astana held a meeting with the directors of the largest city markets «Alash», «Charyn», «Sapar», «Amir» and «big Shanghai», located in the area of Baikonur (Alash highway). According to the official website of capital akimat, directors are instructed to eliminate all illegal buildings erected on state lands within the next few days.

 According to the monitoring, 159 illegal temporary objects of trade and services operate on the territory of these markets, of which 26 pavilions, 14 kiosks, 81 containers, as well as cafe-canteens, canopies, extensions, toilets. According to the Governor's office, spontaneous trade is conducted at all these facilities, without the use of cash registers, registration, storage of goods and metal products. These objects do not comply with fire safety and sanitary standards, which poses a threat to the life and health of sellers and buyers. Some of the buildings were built outside the markets on state lands.

Moreover, it became clear that the administration of the markets illegally collected from owners of temporary objects a rent for use of trade places on the state lands. Akimat pointed to the need to «immediately stop this outrage» and within three days to eliminate all illegal buildings, moving them to the territory designated markets. In addition, the Governor's office considered plans for the development of the territory of these markets. Currently, part of the space with the purpose of «Parking» is occupied by commercial containers and pavilions.

«If the purpose of the land is Parking, there should be Parking, and not the market of metal structures», - governor's office said.

And ordered the owners of the markets in the short term to ensure the use of the territories allocated to them exclusively for the purpose. The meeting also discussed the issue of restoring order in the system of road traffic on one of the key entry routes to the city – Alash highway. The leadership of the akimat pointed to the importance of reviewing the scheme of entry to the territory of the markets, so as not to interfere with the traffic on the highway. Thus, the management of the markets is recommended to move the Central entrances to the opposite side of the road, the transport Department and the development of road transport infrastructure of Astana-to provide convenient access roads and the installation of stopping pavilions for buyers.

«We want everything to be organized correctly and comfortably for the residents of the city. Many do not visit your markets because there is a Frank mess. When the order will be put in order with the planning of the territory, and with comfortable Parking, it will be convenient for citizens – your customers and businessmen working for you. When we put things in order together, your income will increase. And taxes in the budget will grow», - said in the akimat owners/Directors of urban markets «Alash», «Charyn», «Sapar», «Amir» and «big Shanghai.

 Reference: For 8 months in Astana were removed and demolished 250 illegal buildings, of which 23 trade pavilion, residential buildings 4, 143 metal garage, 4 outbuildings, 74 of container 2 and the enclosure. By the decision of the courts, 37 capital buildings were demolished, of which 29 were commercial, 8 were residential. For unauthorized occupation of land by expanding the territory and construction of capital structures, installation of restrictions and trade containers to administrative responsibility with the imposition of fines (totaling 1 million tenge) were attracted 5 entities located in the markets «Central, «Kok Bazaar», «Sharyn», «Alash».

Any use of materials is only permitted with an active hyperlink to the official website of the city of Nur-Sultan http://astana.gov.kz

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