Five social initiatives of the President are being successfully implemented in Astana

In Astana within the framework of the implementation of the Five social initiatives of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan reduced the interest rate of the capital's residents, whose monthly income does not exceed 25 MCI. According to the official website of capital akimat, purpose of this step is to improve the standard of living.

To date, about 86 thousand people have been registered in Astana with wages within the specified amount. Pursuant to the instructions of the head of state from 1 January 2019 are provided for them in reducing the tax burden by 10 times.

As a result, the amount of individual income tax will be reduced from 10% to 1%, and the salary of low-paid workers will increase by 9% (2753*25 = 64 325 tenge). At the same time, the employer and business activity will not suffer.

As a result of the reduction of the tax rate on pit, the reduction of revenues to the local budget will be about 1.87 billion tenge. In this regard, losses in the amount of 1.87 billion tenge are compensated by reducing the volume of seizures in 2020 and 2021, and budget losses in 2019 will be compensated from the national budget.

Astana residents are active participants of the mortgage lending program «7-20-25». 310 Metropolitan families received their treasured apartments in the capital's residential complex «Millennium Park». Just since July 1, in Astana, the banks approved 509 applications under this program in the amount 7 of 699, 4 million tenge. This is about a third of the total number of applications reviewed and approved across the country.

The city has also successfully implemented a program to provide students with places in hostels. A good example is the hostel «Al-Kuat» with 400 seats. With a total area of 5 thousand sq. m 90 rooms, dining room and Assembly hall. The cost of accommodation in the hostel costs students five thousand tenge per month, the rest – 22 thousand – is paid by the akimat of the city. But these hostels, which were built for the EXPO exhibition, are a temporary measure. For the design and subsequent construction of hostels, the city administration has identified 14 land plots with total area more than 17 ha.

Topical for Astana is the direction of extension of microcredit. Because the city leads in terms of growth in the number of active subjects of small and average business. More than a third of the capital's population is employed in the field of SMEs, and therefore one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country is registered in the city.

The fourth social initiative is aimed at expanding microcredit, which will strengthen the work on the development of mass entrepreneurship among the self-employed and unemployed. Since the implementation of the program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 «Enbek» for micro-credit of small businesses in Astana was allocated from the national and local budget 992 million tenge. To date, 77 projects worth 908.1 million tenge have been financed, 37 projects worth 446 million tenge have been supported in 2017, of which 22 projects worth 266.4 million tenge are implemented by start-up entrepreneurs. This year, 40 projects worth 462.1 million tenge were financed, of which 7 projects worth 87.4 million tenge are implemented by budding entrepreneurs.

As for the gasification of Astana, for today the feasibility study «gasification of Astana» has been developed and sent to the RSE «state expertise». Construction of gas distribution networks in the capital is divided into three stages. Currently, the design and estimate documentation for the 1st stage of the project is being developed, the construction of which is planned to begin in 2019. The provisional amount of build 1 queue 9 starting complexes is in the order of 25.1 billion tenge.

The period of implementation of the 2nd and 3rd stages of construction of gas distribution networks according to the preliminary plan will be held in the period from 2021 to 2023 at the expense of local and national budgets, as well as with the involvement of private investment.



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