Production of gluten-free products started in Astana

According the official website of capital akimat, research team of the Kazakh research Institute of processing of agricultural products created in the laboratory first gluten-free food products of domestic production.


According to the results of the survey conducted by the Institute, 67% of patients with celiac disease (congenital protein intolerance) in Kazakhstan are children under 11 years, 15% – from 11 to 12 years and 17% – from 21 to 35 years. The main clinical manifestations in children are stunting, bone deformation, anemia, neuropsychiatric disorders and allergic manifestations. Only strict adherence to a gluten-free diet prevents the development of complications, provides physical and intellectual development.

To date, most of the recipes developed in the world of gluten-free flour products belong to the largest firms in America and Europe, which import products around the world. Unfortunately, this category of products is very expensive and is not always available to residents of Kazakhstan suffering from celiac disease.


«Some families have several children. Prices for gluten-free products are ten times higher than for gluten-free products, so people bear very high costs. Everyone is very interested in the production of domestic products, not inferior to the quality of foreign», – said the head of the project, chief researcher of the laboratory of deep processing of plant products Olga Polubotko.


 Currently, the Institute is conducting research on obtaining flour confectionery mixtures and cereals. Corn, rice, buckwheat, millet, flax grown in different regions of Kazakhstan are chosen as raw materials. Studies have shown that in these cultures gluten in the form in which it causes celiac disease is absent.


«So far, we have taken these products for study. From them we get gluten – free products-cupcakes and cookies. Cookies with the addition of Talina made for the first time. Very pleasant taste gives talkan tasters appreciated at a high level. We also produce gluten-free instant porridge. In the future, we will study other cultures. We have plans to manufacture pasta, as everyone is very interested in the production of pasta and dough for beshbarmak», – told about the process of creating products Olga Polubotko.


According to the employees of the Institute, imported products contain a large amount of starch and additives. The researchers plan to develop domestic products with a minimum content of artificial additives.


Scientific Secretary of KAZ research Institute Darigash shaimerdenova notes the interest of Finland in cooperation with Kazakhstan in the manufacture of gluten-free pasta. In Kaznii also conducted research on the development of other functional foods: lactose-free lactic acid, pectin-containing, fat-and-oil products without TRANS-isomers and based on legumes. In Kaznii also conducted research on the development of other functional foods: lactose-free lactic acid, pectin-containing, fat-and-oil products without TRANS-isomers and based on legumes.


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