Motivation - the key to successful social entrepreneurship

Capital will host a forum of social entrepreneurs on November 6. On the eve of the event, the correspondent of the official website of Astana akimat talked with businessman Emin Askerov, who opened a social workshop Green Tal, which employs people belonging to socially vulnerable groups of the population.

- Emin, tell us about the history of the Green Tal social workshop. Where did you get the idea of what your project is aimed at?

 - We opened a social workshop in 2015 with the support of the Best for kids Foundation. The idea arose, probably, because of the high level of unemployment among the socially vulnerable segments of the population. I am a second generation social worker by profession. My mother worked in this field. Therefore, I wanted to solve a serious problem in this way. The main purpose of the workshop is training and employment of disabled people. At present we have six directions: joiner's shop, Polygraphy, sewing shop, the decorative direction, welding services and the IT direction. As part of our project, we have already trained 34 people, 29 of them are socially vulnerable. In the first years we made products from a decorative willow vine and a tree that formed the basis of the name of a workshop. Next year we plan to reach the national level and want to open branches of our workshop in other regions.

 - Within the framework of the forum of social entrepreneurs, businessmen will present their projects and startups. How many people are planning to participate?

 - This is the first forum of social entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan, where a dialogue between representatives of state bodies and social business will take place. The main task is to think about how we can interact productively in order to further solve the problems of modern society. 150 participants from different regions of Kazakhstan should come to the forum. It is also planned to hold an exhibition where social projects will be presented.

 - An entrepreneur is primarily a person who takes into account the risks. Is there a golden rule to make a new business profitable from the start?

 - If we are talking about an entrepreneur, first of all you need to take care of the team that will go with him. Will help him, if I may say so, will be his «safety cushion». The second point to be taken into account is to prescribe everything in detail. First of all, in my head to study the topic that you will be engaged. Money-not the most important thing, it all depends on the person. Important business plan, you must take into account all the nuances and details of the future project, calculate the amount of your idea. Currently, a lot of grants, support from the state, which many people do not know. It is necessary to be curious to know who supports such projects.

- In one of the interviews you mentioned that the main feature in people is likeability. Describe this concept, whether it is applicable to each person?

- If you translate literally, the phrase conveys the meaning of « like everyone.» Every entrepreneur should have this quality, because our whole life consists of communication and interaction with each other. And if we push away, rather than attract, then, unfortunately, few people will want to work with you.

- How important is it to develop social entrepreneurship? How to motivate businessmen to help people from socially vulnerable segments of the population?

- I believe that it is possible to engage in ordinary business, but still further solve the problems of society. For example, to employ socially vulnerable segments of the population. If you develop these issues, you will grow. From my personal observations I can see that with people who belong to the socially vulnerable category, it is interesting. Because many of them stayed at home, and they go to work as a holiday. And secondly, they cling to a job, do your best to learn how not to get fired. Motivation is off the charts. As for the motivation of entrepreneurs, we need to work together with the state and understand our role in this mechanism. Here it is necessary to develop such a scheme that there are additional preferences for business. This will be one of the topics of the upcoming forum. The state creates all conditions for people to be able to find an interesting job for him. You need to step over fears, look for places, pass interviews, ask for a trial period to show their abilities. And if the employer sees that the person in front of him without experience, it should give the opportunity to learn, and the employee to ask to provide this opportunity. Here the most important thing is to be a psychologist and be able to find an individual approach to each person, to show attention, sensitivity, to feel the person.

- If we talk specifically about the development of this type of business, what personal qualities does it instill?

- Working with such people, you grow spiritually. When you see a person with a problem and give him not a fish and not a fishing rod, but advice and an opportunity to make this rod, then he will have a chance to learn how to earn, to be stronger. When you think not only about yourself, but let other people develop. And the end result is when the person who came to you changes. It's very motivating. The most important thing is mutual help, compassion, empathy!


 Text: Kateryna Tyshchenko

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