State programs to help small and medium-sized businesses

Entrepreneurs play an important role in solving the socio-economic problems of the country: create new jobs, train qualified personnel. Currently, the country is successfully implementing state programs - "Development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021" and "Business Road map-2020". Within the framework of these programs, all enterprising entrepreneurs are provided with the same conditions for the implementation of tasks for the development of their own business.

Head of the Department of entrepreneurship development of Astana office for investment and entrepreneurship development Yerkin Eskendirov reported on what measures of state support exist for entrepreneurs of Astana. One of the key programs to support entrepreneurs – "Business road map 2020".

"The program is aimed at supporting SMEs that operate in priority sectors of the economy. Under this program, the maximum loan amount is 2.5 billion tenge. The program is implemented through second-tier banks. The interest rate today is 14%, of which 8.4% is paid by the entrepreneur, 5.6% – by the akimat represented by the fund "Damu". Within the framework of the program, there are several areas – interest rate subsidies. Guarantee, infrastructure, and grants for innovative business ideas on a gratuitous basis", – said E. Eskendirov.

As part of the guarantee, in case of insufficient collateral from the entrepreneur, the fund "Damu" can act as a guarantor from 50% to 85%. Assistance consists in bringing the missing infrastructure to the projects of small and medium-sized businesses.

Also, the mayor's office of the capital together with JSC "entrepreneurship development fund" Damu " since 2015 in the framework of providing additional support and development of SMEs, stimulating the growth of the economy of the capital, regional programs are implemented to support entrepreneurship aimed at the business that is not included in the list of priority sectors of the economy – trade, services and so on. Each program has its own conditions.

One of the programs is "Regional financing of small and medium-sized businesses of Astana". Under this program, the interest rate is not more than 8.5%. The maximum loan amount for one entrepreneur is up to 100 million tenge. Participation in this program can also take entrepreneurs who want to acquire rights to the franchise.

There is also a program for the development of youth entrepreneurship "Astana – ZhasStarT" , which is aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs up to 29 years. Here the interest rate is not more than 8.5%. The maximum amount of the loan that an entrepreneur can receive is up to 20 million tenge.

The Startup program is also aimed at supporting start-up entrepreneurs. It is noteworthy that there are no restrictions on the sectoral areas, while the fund provides partial guarantee of loans within the framework of the Program. The interest rate on the loan-no more than 7.9%. The maximum loan amount for one entrepreneur is up to 50 million tenge.

Within the framework of the Astana Service program, the interest rate is not more than 8.5%. The maximum loan amount for one entrepreneur is up to 150 million tenge. Also, when making a loan in the second-tier banks, in order to obtain a positive decision on lending, a state guarantee is provided, that is, the state ensures its participation in the collateral of 50%, depending on the amount of the loan.

The program "Astana Retail" has also been launched. Interest rate is not more than 8.5%. The maximum loan amount for one entrepreneur is up to 200 million tenge. The program involves preferential lending to retail companies and suppliers of products, which will prevent the growth of prices. For the implementation of this program allocated in the ratio of 1:1 (JSC "Entrepreneurship development fund "Damu" (1 billion tenge) and the local budget (1 billion tenge).

To ensure stable employment is realized "Program of development of productive employment and the mass of business until 2021", which targets microcredit to the population, trained and novice entrepreneurs. The Department for investment and enterprise development of Astana city is implementing the second direction – the development of mass entrepreneurship, which is aimed at microcredit for the population, trained and for start-up entrepreneurs, where the maximum limit of funding for one participant of the program is 8 thousand monthly calculation indicators.

According to the Department, 9 555 SMEs were registered in January-October 2018. Of these, legal entities - 6 024, individual entrepreneurs - 3 437, farms-94. The number of operating SMEs as of November 1, 2018 amounted to 119 052 units and compared to the same period last year, their number increased by 24.4%.


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