Road to his childhood dream. How lives of the capital's puppet theatre?

The theater begins with a hanger, and childhood with dolls. Read about the most atmospheric and creative theater of the capital in the material of the correspondent of the official website of Astana akimat.

Getting into the capital's theater, immediately transferred to childhood. At the entrance of the young spectators and their parents are met by a mobile, mechanical doll of the grandmother and a sofa with big soft toys.

And then the fairy tale begins. Before the performance, guests of the theater can walk around the hall, decorated with collectible dolls and heroes of performances, photos with actors-puppeteers. Special attention of adults and children are attracted to the living area. It inhabits Guinea pig Tavern, djungaria hamsters, a turtle and a ringing budgerigars bright colors of plumage, fish.

The idea of creating a mini-zoo was inspired by one of the visitors of the fairy tale.

"Once a boy of 5 years came to our theater. Then we lived only fish. He began to ask his mother: where are the birds, pigs, turtles and other animals? Over time, we have new friends, pleasing to the eye before the performances", – says the Director of "puppet theater" Тogzhan Khasangalieva.

Today, the theater plays 23 performances, including a good new year's performance "meow, woof, chick-tweet", "Aladdin", "Once again about the little Mermaid", "Atameken", "Lion king", "Soldier's pot" and others.

The theatre also put a special statement on compliance with the rules of the road. Ticket price varies from 500 to 1000 tenge. Performances are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. At 12:00 the actors perform in Russian, at 14:00 – in Kazakh.

And for the "magic" starts the theatrical life. Behind one door, the dressmaker sews and irons the costumes, and in the other room the dolls are waiting for their "exit". The so-called warehouse stores characters from different performances: from puppets, hand puppets and decorations in the form of ships and other objects, to artificial trees and hats.

Like any theatre, it has its own stories and signs.

"The actors of the theater, who play one role for a long time, outwardly and by nature become similar to them. For example, actor Doseman Beisembaev, who plays the old man in a production of "Atameken", - eventually became similar to the character. No wonder they say that any object, if you share with him a piece of the soul and treat it as a living thing, becomes your particle", - Togzhan Khasangalieva said.

Take among the artists-puppeteers, we can note some special. Of the most serious, which comply with all theatres, "not to nibble sunflower seeds".

"And our artists adhere to the rules:" If the play is dropped, then it is necessary to sit on it. And only then to take for rehearsal", "If you take the doll for the first time, you definitely need to look her in the eye", - added the Director of the theater.

Meanwhile, on the stage is a rehearsal of the next production. Playwrights adjust the text, the Directors expose and scan the scenery and puppets are waiting for their "finest hour".

All of us were once children, all have children and grandchildren who believe in miracles and fairy tales. Dolls teach children to sympathize, to experience with them the whole range of emotions. A puppet theater will help to plunge into the world of magic and memories of how beautiful childhood.


 Photo and text: Kateryna Tyshchenko

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