Events poster: where to go this week?

The official website of Astana akimat presents the most interesting cultural and sports events from 10 to 16 December.

Independence Palace:

3-29 Dec personal art exhibition of Rustem Berkimbayeva "Path of hope";

From 10 to 31 December – personal art exhibition "Dynasty Akayevich", contemporary art exhibition "Movement in space", the photo Exhibition "Archt epics – Astana", the photo exhibition "the Chronicles of independent Kazakhstan";

14-31 Dec – exhibition "Thelist bags – Astana". Concert hall "Astana": December 10, 17:00 – concert "Elorda zhuldyzy", dedicated to the day of transfer of the capital;

December 11, 19:00 – concert "Dumandy El", dedicated to the 175th anniversary of akyn Akan Seri;

December 12, 19:30-concert "Asia Dauysy", dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan;

December 13, 19:00 – concert "Tauelsizdik tugyrym", dedicated to Independence Day;

December 16, 19:00 – humorous concert "shanshar."

Kazakh music and drama theatre. After K. Kuanyshbayev:

12-13 Dec, 18:30 – premiere of R. Kuni "SSL Asa", - Comedy;

December 14, 14:00,16:00 PM – drama of O. zhanaydarov "It»;

15 December 18:30 – historical drama D. Ramazan "Abylai handy basic";

16 Dec, 18:30 – Comedy M. Bigiev "Til Tabitha".

The "Zhastar" Palace:

10 Dec, 19:00 – a concert of choreographic ensemble "Rauan";

December 11, 11:00 Prime Minister, fairytale fantasy J. lobster "Le pen Bltr";

11 December, 17:00 – the concert program "Mangilik El", dedicated to the Independence Day of the RK,

December 16, 10:00 – tournament in ballroom dancing "snowflake-2018", devoted to independence Day of Kazakhstan.

The "Zhastar" theatre:

13 Dec, 19:00 Prime Minister, sh. Aitmatov "Asiran Yes sa...», triptych;

16 December, 19:00 – the dramatized concert program Hippy "JanuaryMay ialis win".

The "Astana Opera" theatre:

12 Dec, 19:00 – concert "Poetry of sounds and music of words";

16 December, 17:00 – concert "Galaopera", devoted to Day of independence of Kazakhstan;

16-17 December, 12:00 – concert "Samr of calgen tan".

Cycle track "Saryarka":

December 11-12, 19: 30-national basketball championship between the teams of PBC "Astana" - BC "Caspian";

December 16, 15: 00-basketball match between the teams of PBC "Astana" - BC "Kalev" (Tallinn, Estonia);

December 16-17, 10: 00 - open national Taekwondo tournament dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan.

Concert hall "Nomad City hall":

10 and 25 December, 19:00 – premiere Comedy by M. Frayn "Theatre 180°";

12 December, 19:30 – the beauty contest "Miss Astana-20 years";

on 14 and 15 December, 19:00 – Concert of tap-group "Altyn Batyr" "In the rhythm of the lights of the capital";

December 16, 19:00 – annual award of the "Kyzyk award" of the TV show "Kyzyk times". Ckz "Kazakhstan":

December 14, 19:00 – the highest League" Zhaydarman";

December 16-17, 15: 00 – VII Republican aitys akynov"Altyn dombyra".

Puppet theater:

December 15-16-fairy tale M. Toybaev "Magic ssdir" (at 12:00 in Russian, at 14:00 in Kazakh).

Small ice Palace "Barys arena":

December 15, 20: 00 – show" Symphonic rock hits "wings of Griffin"Concordorchestra".

City square:

December 16, 19: 00-festive concert with participation of Kazakhstani pop stars.

The embankment of the river Esil:

16 Dec, 22:00 – festive fireworks dedicated to the Day of independence of Kazakhstan.

Roller trail:

December 15, 10:00 – opening of the ski season, "Alghashky ar", devoted to independence Day of Kazakhstan.

SK Sever, OOO:

15-16 December, 10:00 – Open Republican tournament on the judo, devoted to Day of independence of Kazakhstan.

SK "Astana":

December 16, 10: 00 – Astana Cup of football among people with disabilities, dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan.

Ice Palace "Alau":

December 12-13 – open championship of Astana in all-around-2019 in speed skating, dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan.

SC "Daulet":

from 13 to 16 December, 11:00 – first Cup tournament "Astana Arlans" Boxing.

SK "Alatau":

December 14-16, 9: 00 – open city competition" Astana Cup " in archery, dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan.


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