New family clinic was opened in Suburban

According to the official website of capital akimat, more than 10 thousand patients will receive medical care near the house.

New family medical clinic "Sipher" in Prigorodnoye was opened on the eve of the Independence Day celebration. In the opening ceremony of the new clinic was attended by the Deputy akim of Astana, Yermek Amanshayev and head of the Department of public health Kamalian Nadyrov: they got acquainted with the future principle of the clinic, passing on the "route patient" visited classrooms and equipment.

Yermek Amanshayev congratulated the residents of Prigorodny with the appearance of a new modern and convenient medical institution and wished them health.

The new outpatient clinic will be able to take 75 patients per shift, its total area is 300 square meters.

 The project was implemented in the framework of PPP through private investment. Non-residential premises were transferred to the municipal property of the city.

"In this clinic there will be three rooms of General practitioners, filter Cabinet, obstetric and surgical rooms, offices, blood collection, immunization, ultrasound study. Never before the residents of the suburban was not able to obtain the ultrasonic diagnosis so close to home. And here it can be done quickly and without problems. In addition, we will provide patients with medicines within the guaranteed volume of free medical care. There will also be organized prevention activities, screening programs, annual checkups and so on", – said the chief doctor of the center for family health "Skypager" Darkhan Nurlibaev.

In total, according to the register of the attached population, 10 101 people will be served at six sites, including 4188 children, 1184 adolescents, 5913 adults, 202 patients older than 70 years.

"If we conduct a historical excursion, the entire population of the village was served in a medical center, which is located in a neighboring house, in a two-room apartment with a total area of 40 square meters. Imagine the whole village-in such a square!", – says Darkhan Nurlibaev.

In 1999, the infirmary became part of the SVA "Sipher", while the population of the village continued to be served in this paragraph.

In 2015, the population of Prigorodny was more than 8 thousand people.

"Then we made the decision: the majority of the population was served in the main building of the center for family health "Skypager" on the street Ryskulov, and patients older than 60 years left here, so they do not have to cover a great distance. And now, in 2018, as part of the "Doctor at home" project, we have opened this IAS. Residents of Prigorodny will be served in a new, clean, modern outpatient clinic, fully equipped with everything necessary", - the chief physician said.

A resident of the Prigorodny massif, the mother of two-year-old Damian nail Khaliulin is very happy to open a new clinic: they live in a holiday village, it is difficult to go to the city with a child.

Physicians "Sipher", as told Naila, helped save the life of a baby Damian.

"I am very grateful to our doctors. They two years ago raised the alarm in time, and sent me to the hospital. I had a baby weighing 730 grams. He spent six months in intensive care, it took three operations: on the heart, on the eyes... and all these two years we were with our doctors hand in hand: they quickly, literally half a day, issued quotas, all for us did. Now baby weighs nine and a half kilograms, well-being normal. And our doctors super!", - says Naila Khaliulina.


 Text: Vlada Guk

 Photo: Bekzat Gali


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