Jordanian capital named a street in honor of Astana

According to the official website of capital akimat, Bakhyt Sultanov has visited with official visit Amman.

Twin cities Astana and Amman strengthen economic and cultural cooperation: today one of the Central streets of the capital of Jordan is named after the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana.

In opening ceremony took part the mayor of capital of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sultanov and mayor of the capital of Jordan – Amman – Yusuf al-Shawarib.

The established friendly relations between the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the king of Jordan Abdullah II are an example to follow and serve the interests of our two countries, Bakhyt Sultanov said in his speech. He expressed gratitude for the attention to the activities of the Kazakh leader: as you know, in 2010 one of the Central streets of the capital of Jordan was named after the President of Kazakhstan.

"We are grateful to all the ammans for the tribute to our Elbasy. We with his Excellency Mr. Shawareb visited the street Nursultan Nazarbayev and familiarized with its development. And here we open the street named in honor of the capital of Kazakhstan. It is symbolic that this happens in the year of the 20th anniversary of the young Astana. I am convinced that this will give a new impetus to the residents of our cities and countries to further rapprochement", - Sultanov said.

In turn, the mayor of Amman Yousef al-Shawarib also expressed confidence in continued fruitful cooperation between the two capitals.

"Our peoples have exemplary relations and, of course, political friendship between our heads of state. Astana is the standard of the modern city and an example to follow. Therefore, we are honoured that the Jordanian capital, opened a street Astana, which will become the embodiment of our friendship and fruitful cooperation", – said Yusuf al-Shawarib.

The ceremony was held as part of the official visit of Astana akim Bakhyt Sultanov to the capital of Jordan. During the meeting, the mayor of Astana and the mayor of Amman discussed the prospects of further cooperation between the two cities in various fields.

"Our visit to Amman is a great opportunity to further enhance bilateral cooperation in the field of urban development. We know that Amman is implementing a number of major reforms and projects in the field of transport, landscaping, construction and smart technologies, simplification and automation of administrative procedures and improvement of the business environment. Astana is also actively working in these areas. I am sure we have something to share with each other on these issues. We are ready to exchange experience and best practices", – said Sultanov.

He also reminded the mayor of Amman that since the beginning of the year Astana international financial center has been functioning in the capital of Kazakhstan and invited Jordanian businessmen to take part in its work.

The opening ceremony was accompanied by traditional folk dances accompanied by national motifs performed by Kazakh and Jordanian musicians.

Recall that in January 2012 in Astana immortalized the memory of his Majesty the late king of Jordan Hussein Ben Talal.

The agreement between the mayor's office of Astana and the municipal body of the city of Amman on the establishment of twinning relations was signed on November 8, 2005.

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