Сultural and sports events of the coming week

New Year's eve metropolitan poster the official website of Astana akimat presents the most interesting cultural and sports events of the coming week.

Independence Palace:

24-31 Dec – personal art exhibition "Dynasty Akayevich";

24-31 Dec – contemporary art exhibition "Movement in space";

24-30 December – personal exhibition "the dream World" the teacher of secondary school № 52 J.Kairata;

24-30 December – personal exhibition of Rustem Berkimbayeva "Path of hope";

24-31 Dec – exhibition "Archt epics – Astana»;

December 24-31-photo exhibition "Chronicles of independent Kazakhstan";

December 24-31 – exhibition of the youth Association of the Union of artists of Astana"Menin Elim – Mangilik El".

Kazakh music and drama theatre. After K. Kuanyshbayev:

25 Dec (16:00) – E. Schwartz "Klse Kyz", a fairy tale;

26 Dec (18:30) – K. Kesey "7+1", a drama; 27 Dec (18:30) – Chevre "Sglc formulas", Comedy;

28 Dec (18:30) – by R. Cooney "Tugan kun", a Comedy.

Zhastar Palace:

December 24-26(10:00, 13:00, 15:30), and also

27-30 December (10:00, 13:00) – new year's matinee " Carnival of miracles!»;

December 24 (10:00-20:00) – German products fair;

December 24-30(10:00, 12:00, 14:00) – new year's matinee "Kar khanshaiymy", fairy tale;

December 28 (17: 00) - new year's disco "Carnival of miracles!"

Astana concert hall:

December 24-26 (10: 00-20:00) – exhibition-fair "New year's gift";

December 25 (19:00) – new year's concert "Dumandy Zhana zhyl";

December 26 (19:00) – new year's concert "Zhana zhyl auenderi";

December 27 (19:00) – new year's concert "Magic moment";

December 29 (18: 00) – new year's concert "Christmas time".

Astana Opera theatre:

December 25 (19:00) – concert of chamber and vocal music "Christmas at the Christmas tree";

December 29-30 (17:00)-concert "Astana Opera congratulates".

Puppet theatre:

December 24-30(12:00, 14:00) – "Tricks of the witch on New year's eve", new year's tale.

"Barys arena":

December 24 (19:30) – KHL, HC "Barys" – HC "Admiral".

City square, the territory of the Mall "Khan Shatyr", Botanical garden:

December 18 – February: a Series of events within the festival"Astana Winter Land".

Palace of peace and accord:

December 24 (19:00) – musical "Notre Dame de Paris".

Capital circus:

from December 20 to January 7, at 16: 00-new year circus program "Bird of happiness".

Concert hall "Astana":

December 24 (20:00) – a concert dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the theater" Oner kyrandary";

December 25-26 (12:00)-new year's musical fairy tale" Aldar Kose";

December 28-29 (12: 00) – new year's musical fairy tale"snow Queen".

Amphitheater (the embankment of the river Esil):

24-30 Dec (11:00-20:00) – Christmas entertainment programme (skiing, tubing, a program of the Christmas tree, living room of Santa Claus).

Astana Ballet theatre:

December 25, 27-28 (19:00), and December 29-31 (18:00) – p. Tchaikovsky the Nutcracker, ballet.

City area:

29 Dec (11:00-12:00, 17:00-18:00) – winter fun starts at the ice camp "CLD is".

Ice Palace "Alau":

December 28 (11: 00) – children's skating competitions for prizes of Santa Claus.

Concert hall "Nomad City hall":

December 25 (19: 00) – performance" 180° Theater " of Astana Comedy theater.

Roller ski track:

December 30 (10:00) – new year's ski race.

Akbulak river:

December 30 (10:00) – ice hockey tournament in valenki.




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