New stop in the capital: warm up, charge the phone and drink coffee

According to the official website of capital akimat, investor plans to open more than 50 warm bus stops in the capital.

First Your I-Stop has opened in the neighborhood, Salagou, street Orynbor, 4 (stop LCD "Kulager"). Routes 61 and 101 pass through this stop. According to the schedule, people are waiting for buses from 8 to 20 minutes. Now in the new stopping pavilion during this time you can warm up, charge your phone, drink coffee, eat, use the toilet.

The presentation of the new stop was visited by akim of the district Esil Tulegen Zakaryanov.

"Why did we choose this place? Zhagalau-a new neighborhood, it is very rapidly growing. Today 25 thousand people live here, and next year there will be 35 thousand. Given the wind rose, this warm stop here is more than relevant", - the mayor of the district said.

Stopping complex size 16X3 m includes a warm waiting area, a shopping area where drinks and snacks are sold, and a bathroom (it is paid).

"Smart" this stop is because it is high-tech: in particular, the pavilion is equipped with an infrared heating system with a low level of energy consumption. The pavilion in Astana, at the Kazakhstan enterprise is made.

The project is fully implemented at the expense of the investor, the American company I-Stop Inc. With the assistance of Esil district akimat, communications are connected to the bus stop.

To justify their investment, the company intends mainly due to the placement at the stop of the outdoor advertising.

The next stop Your I-Stop will open on Dostyk street (stop "Ministry of defense"), and by the end of 2019 it is planned to open more than 50 such stops.



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