Capital entrepreneurs join the action «Barrier-free Kazakhstan»

In Astana, another large company joined the campaign aimed at socialization and adaptation of children with disabilities, as well as from socially vulnerable groups of the population. According to the official website of capital akimat, thanks to the cooperation of the state and business, children with special needs have the opportunity to visit the Park of miracles «Evrikum» absolutely free of charge.

The Memorandum of mutual cooperation was signed by the representatives of the capital akimat and the management of the Park «Evrikum». According to the document, the doors of the amusement Park will be open every Wednesday from 12:00 to 13:30 for children from orphanages, children with disabilities. In addition, children from the city offices of psychological and pedagogical correction and public charity funds «Kasietti Zhol», «Sunny World», «Gift», «Equal opportunities» can visit the Park of miracles.

According to the General Director of the Park of miracles «Evrikum» Michael Marmusa, is now considering the organization of entertainment and educational tours for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder on a regular basis.

«It is necessary to create equal conditions for children with special needs. In this regard, we decided to support the action «Barrier-free Kazakhstan» initiated by the mayor's office of Astana. In our Park, children will be able to participate in various scientific experiments, make unusual photos, walk through the glass maze and, of course, get unforgettable emotions. Thus, we want to make a small contribution to the socialization of children with disabilities, their integration into society. I think we will not limit ourselves to a month. In the future, on a permanent basis, will hold similar tours for children with special needs,» said Michael Marmot.

As parents say, such events are very important for the adaptation and development of special children.

«My child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He needs to play in a group, it brings a lot of positive emotions. Games help to improve fine motor skills, work in a group helps to perceive information, to Express their impressions. Today the kids discovered a lot of new things in the field of physics and chemistry. Very glad that you organized such an action,» said the mother of a «special» child Mirjamol Sapargalikyzy.

Recall, the Department for social development in Astana launched a charity event «Barrier-free Kazakhstan».

It is implemented in order to implement the social policy of the country, of promoting the principles of philanthropy and increase of civil activity of the population, which are the main thrust of the programmatic article, «Rouhani zhangyru «.

It should be noted that to date, the charity event was supported by The kinopark Theatres cinema chain and the QGroup group of companies. Thanks to the cooperation of the state and business, all children with special needs have the opportunity to watch movies for free in the country's largest cinema. Especially for children with special needs in the cinema, the technicians dim the lights, reduce the sound effects and open the doors of the cinema to create comfort.

Anyone can take part in the action «Barrier-free Kazakhstan» and become a patron.


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