Almost 290 thousand Astana residents regularly go in for sports

The mayor's office of Astana held a solemn event in honor of the celebration of the sports day, during which the physical culture and sports figures of the capital were awarded, as well as the winners who successfully fulfilled the standards of the Presidential level of readiness.

The event was attended by athletes performing for Astana at major international competitions, honored coaches and heads of sports schools, as well as Deputy akim Ermek Amanshayev and head of the Department of culture and sports of Astana Bolat Mazhagulov.

- I congratulate you on your professional holiday – sports Day! Every year more and more people in Astana make a confident choice in favor of sports and a healthy lifestyle. Today, about 288 thousand Astana residents are engaged in physical culture and sports on a regular basis. I Express my gratitude to all of you. You work for the benefit of society, you bring up strong, healthy and worthy youth, - Ermek Amanshayev told, addressing the audience.

For the successful execution of Presidential-level regulations breast insignia «Select pen Densaulyk» and «Shinyu jeldu» were awarded to employees of subordinate institutions of the Department of culture and sport of Astana city. In the tests of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was attended by 105 employees. Among them, 13 staff successfully completed the regulations of the Presidential-level alert, including athletics coach of DYUSSH No. 9 Irina Shchetinina, chief of the sports Department of the Ice Palace «Alau» Elmira Agibaeva, a psychologist at the training Center of Olympic reserve Anastasia Bibikova, chief accountant of «Zhastar» theatre Ruslan Ulanov, head of SDYUSSHOR No. 5 of tlegenov Kuat, head of the training Center of Olympic reserve Samat Kabdulin, the Director of DYUSSH No. 9 Aydin Tokubaev, Director of «Zhastar» theatre Ekaterina Jumataev, Deputy Director of SDYUSSHOR No. 4 George Stepanov, Manager of sport Ice Palace «Alau» Yerlan Herbek.

Presidential tests included such standards as running at short and long distances (60 m, 100 m, 1000 m, 3000 m), long jumps from a place, lifting the trunk from a supine position, pulling up, shooting from an air rifle 5 shots, swimming, and throwing grenades.

On the eve of the sports Day, the Director of the sports complex «Daulet» Kuandyk Elzhanov, the head of the Directorate for sports events Azamat Imashev, the Director of the sports club «Zhiger» Azamat Khamzin, the Director of the sports complex «Dostyk» Azamat Imanbayev, as well as coaches and employees of sports schools and institutions of Astana were awarded with certificates of gratitude.

Currently, 7416 people are engaged in 10 children and youth sports schools of Astana, including 6586 Olympic sports, 830 non-Olympic sports. 50 sports are cultivated in sports schools, including 39 Olympic, 11 non – Olympic and national sports.

During the first half of 2018, the capital's athletes won more than 2,500 medals at national and international competitions. At the same time, the athletes were awarded the title of 91 «Master of sports», 331 – «Candidate master of sports», 235 – «I category». During this period, the capital's athletes participated in 1133 sports events at the city, national and international levels.

Since the beginning of the year, about 300 sports events have been held in Astana, including 43 international, 47 Republican and more than 200 city events.

The national team of the city takes the leading positions in Republican complex competitions both in summer, and winter sports. Moreover, sports schools of Astana are the main donors in the formation of national teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The capital's coaches trained about 20 Olympic Champions and prize-winners, including Daniyar yeleusinov, Vasily Levit, Guzel Manyurova, Marina Volnova, Sergey Yashkin, Askhat zhitkeev and many others.

According to statistics, at the end of 2017, the city has 671 sports facilities. Since the transfer of the capital in Astana there are completely new unique objects that meet international standards, such as the stadium «Astana-arena», a multifunctional complex «Barys arena», the ice Palace «Alau», the Republican cycle track «Saryarka», the racetrack «Kazanat», is currently being built martial arts Palace.

The Paralympic training center opened on July 4 this year. It is the only Paralympic training center with all conditions for Paralympic athletes, designed according to international standards.

The nearest sports event, where the capital's athletes will defend the honor of Kazakhstan, will be the XXVIII summer Asian and Parasitic games in Indonesia. Performances will be held from August 18 to September 2. The national team of Kazakhstan will be attended by about 50 capital athletes in 20 sports.

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