Sports schools of Astana have started to recruit children: terms and rules of admission

Last weekend, the Department of culture and sports of Astana city organized an open day for admission to children and youth sports schools. Such an event was held for the first time in the last 5 years. The event caused a stir among the capital's parents, more than 3,000 people came to the state sports sections to get advice on the selection rules, in addition, many residents of the city appealed to the hotline. In connection with great interest, the press service of the Department of culture and sports has prepared a brief guide to the rules and timing of selection to sports schools in Astana. Detailed information with addresses and contact phone numbers of schools is available on the website https://madeniet-sport-astana.kz in the section «Sports facilities».

To date, there are 12 children's and youth sports schools and clubs in the capital, which are now recruiting children for the initial training of the first year of training on a competitive basis. Documents are accepted until October 1. It is worth noting that classes are free of charge for all without exception.

For admission to the sports institutions of the capital is required to collect the following documents: application signed by parents, address certificate, medical card of the child №026, a copy of the birth certificate, photos 3*4. This list may be supplemented depending on the internal rules of each school.

For example, in KGU «SDYUSSHOR №1» of Astana city akimat the applicant must bring a medical documentation form 088/u. Children here are taken at the age of 5-6 years in such sports as rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastics, acrobatics and trampoline gymnastics, sports dance.

The team of SDYUSSH №2 invites children to such sections as cross-country skiing (9-11 years), short track (9-11 years), figure skating (4-5 years), speed skating (9-11 years), orienteering (8-10 years). Those who wish to try themselves in the above-mentioned sports will have to pass control standards, including running, jumping, coordination exercises, flexibility, etc.

Fans of such disciplines as Boxing, including women's, freestyle, Greco-Roman and women's wrestling, kickboxing can engage in sports school №3. At the time of admission, children must reach the age of 10.

But the record for all sports, cultivated in SDYUSSHOR №4, including academic rowing, Canoeing and Canoeing, etc., is held all year round, except for the swimming section. Selection for the swimming Department will be held on September 9 at 9 am at the sports Palace «Kazakhstan». One of the main selection criteria is the ability to swim in a large pool (50m), the passage of distances of 15m on the chest and 15 m on the back. Also in this list are the following anthropometric indicators: growth-130cm., weight-25-30kg, year of birth: 2010-2011. On the day of selection you should have a cap, glasses, shale and buy a single ticket at the box office.

Fans of basketball, volleyball, handball and Rugby will be happy to take in the sports school №5. A set of children from 9 years old will be held from 1 to September 25. For these types of activities may be credited to children without the skills of the game, but be sure to provide information on the health status of the child.

Fans of Cycling can take their children to the sports school №6. Only children who have reached the age of 10 and have no medical contraindications to sports can enter here. For admission, young athletes will have to pass such standards as running at 60 meters and 5-minute run, long jump, squats, pull-UPS from the Vis.

Masters of martial arts in the capital prepares KGU «SDYUSSH № 7». So, in judo section children of 10-12 years, Taekwondo (WTF) 8-9 years, JIU-jitsu of 15-17 years, karate-till 8-15 years, Kyokushinkai of 12-13 years, shinkiokushinkai of 12-13 years, Muay Thai of 13-14 years, Sambo of 10-13 years, Kazakh kuresi of 10-13 years, wrestling on belts of 10-13 years are accepted. The formation of training groups will last until October 1.

Well, the future professional players are raised by the coaching staff of the specialized youth sports school of Olympic reserve №8. Admission of children is held until September 1, and in the initial training group - until October 1. This year, children born in 2009-2011 can enter the school.

In the children's and youth sports school №9 you can attend such sections as archery, shooting, clay pigeon shooting, fencing, table tennis, athletics, modern pentathlon and triathlon. At the same time, as elsewhere for each sport in the selection takes into account the age of applicants. This school accepts children from 6 to 14 years depending on the sport.

Those who see their children as future stars of the NHL, can bring them to a Specialized children's and youth sports school №10 ice hockey.

Under the motto «Astana is a sports city!», countless events calling for a healthy lifestyle are held in the capital. And this is not just a beautiful slogan, but a reflection of reality. After all, every year more and more residents of Astana come to sports and instill in their children a love for a healthy and active lifestyle. It should be noted that the city annually improves the conditions in order to make sports popular and accessible.

Any use of materials is only permitted with an active hyperlink to the official website of the city of Nur-Sultan http://astana.gov.kz

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