Aset Isekeshev checked the progress of large-scale construction and reconstruction of roads of the capital

Akim of the capital inspected the progress of construction works of road and municipal infrastructure of the city.

During the visit Aset Isekeshev checked the construction of street No. 27, which originates from the prospect Tauelsizdyk to Kaldayakov street. Its length is 6 km. At present, there are conducted works on construction of engineering networks. The mayor instructed to ensure the passage to the end of the year, including two bridges across the river Ishim and the channel "Nura-Esil". Street has to unload the prospectus, Mangilik Ate and Kabanbai Batyr and to allow the unimpeded transport from the southern part of the city to get in the Southeast.

Also,akim checked the large-scale works on the construction of Saraishyk street, which starts from Turan Avenue to Aitmatov street. The length of the street is 3 km, the roadway will have 8 lanes. Now there are works on laying asphalt, the device of road "clothes" on local roads, paving, completed the construction of the heating network. First and foremost, this will allow 50% to unload the prospectus of Turan and Kabanbai Batyr prospect. Asset Issekeshev instructed to ensure travel by July 1 this year.

The construction work involves more than 1,000 people who work in two shifts.

This year 22 new streets with a length of 20.8 km will be built in the capital, 91 streets with a total length of 61.15 km will be repaired.Serious repairs are also expected in the residential areas "Ondiris", "Agrotown", "Koktal" and in the districts of the South-East, Ilyinka.

Within an average repairs it has ben carried out work at St. Aray, Abay Ave., St. Obagan str Bestobe. Major repairs are planned to be carried out on the streets of Ondiris and South-East.

Until the end of June will be completed for the construction of streets Akniet (No. 25) on the section of the prospectus, Mangilik Ate to the street Turkestan, Parking along the street Aray in the Park Aray.

There will also be completed by the average repair the following streets: Kudayberdyuly, Beisekbaeva, Zheltoksan, Capitali, Kultuma bard, Baikonur, Aktolkyn, J. Akpaeva, Sechenov, Bestobe, Akzhelken, Khachaturian, Sholokhov, Boztorgai, Er Targyn, Bulbul Kobyz, Symbol, Keles, Orhon, Saryn.

In addition, in order to develop the road network, work is continuing on the construction of 37 more streets with the laying of engineering networks and lighting.

At the end of the detour, the mayor of Astana made a remark to the head of the Department of transport and development of road transport infrastructure Askhat Karagoyshin for the low pace of work of some streets and instructed to complete the repair and construction of roads in time, despite the weather and other conditions.

"Citizens and guests of the capital should use the roads on time. All streets must be delivered efficiently and on time," – said Isekeshev A. 

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