Akim’s Administration of the Baikonyr district of Nur-Sultan

Akim of the Baikonyr district of Nur-Sultan Nursagatov Nurbol Tolegenovich

Background: District was created on 27 February 2018 by joint resolution of the akimat of Astana and the decision of maslikhat of Astana city

The territory of the district Baikonur is 18129 ha

Population of the district is 211 thousand people

Address: 010000, Astana, PR. Tauelsizdik, 7

Reception: +7 (7172) 55-75-19

Phone numbers:

The office of personnel management 8 (7172) 55-73-72

Organizational-control Department 8 (7172) 55-74-91

Financial and economic Department 8 (7172) 55-74-96

Department of social sphere and support of entrepreneurship 8 (7172) 55-73-75

Department of education and internal policy 8 (7172) 55-67-93

The sustainment Department 8 (7172) 55-73-80

Department of infrastructure 8 (7172) 55-74-60

Production and technical Department 8 (7172) 55-73-97

Department of public works 8 (7172) 55-73-97

Department of registration of acts of civil status 8 (7172) 55-73-79

public procurement Department 8 (7172) 55-67-92

Website: www.baikonyr.astana.kz

Facebook: @baikonyrakimat

Instagram: @baikonyrastana

Telegram: @baikonyrbot

Whatsapp: +7 701 055 59 79

Schedule of reception of physical and representatives of legal entities in the apparatus of  Baikonur district akim

Full name


Supervised questions

Contact numbers

Days and hours

of reception


Nursagatov Nurbol Tolegenovich

Akim of the district "Baikonur"


Every Thursday

from 15:00 to 17:00


Zhaulibayev Yerlan Alibaevich 

Deputy mayor on issues of domestic policy, social, business and public service


Every Wednesday

from 15:00 to 17:00


Oralov Ruslan Meyrambayevich

Deputy mayor for sanitary maintenance and improvemen


Every Friday from

15:00 to 17:00


Serikkazi Abayzhan Serikkaziuli

Deputy mayor for housing, utilities, infrastructure and construction


Every Tuesday

from 15:00 to 17:00

Brief information about activities of public authority of the state institution

"Akim’s apparatus of district Baikonur in the city of Astana" (hereinafter – the Apparatus) is the state body of the Republic of Kazakhstan, carrying out management in the sphere of state administration on the territory of the district Baikonur in the city of Astana.

The apparatus does not have subordinate organizations. The office carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, acts of the President and Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other regulatory legal acts, as well as the Regulations on the state institution "Apparatus of akim of Baikonyr district of Astana".

The apparatus is a legal entity in the legal form of a state institution, has seals and stamps with its name in the state language, forms of the established sample, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan accounts in the Treasury.

The mission of the apparatus – ensuring activity of akim of the district to conduct a nationwide policy of Executive power in combination with interests and requirements of development the district Baikonur in the city of Astana.

Structure of the state institution:

Full name Position Telephone number
Sametov Galymzhan Akylbekovich Chief of staff 55-73-98
Aimagambetov Yerzhan Iliyasovich Adviser of akim of the district for legal Affairs, commissioner on the ethics 55-73-73
Kurmanov Amantay Bauirzhanovich Akim of the district for mobilization training and civil protection 55-73-73

Organizational-control Department

Head of Department – Kurman Erkin Bauirzhanuli tel.: 55-74-91

Carries out control over observance of regulations of work of unit employees and for execution of acts of President, Government, orders and commissions of akim of city and district. Organizational and information support of interaction of akim of the district with the representative and Executive authorities of all levels. Prepares and organizes elections to the Senate and Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Together with the specialists of the Department prepares operational meetings, reporting meetings and round tables. Controls the paperwork, timely consideration of letters and other appeals of individuals and legal entities.

Financial and economic Department

Head of Department – Boranbayeva Dinara Kanapyanov, tel.: 55-74 - 96

Provides accounting and control over the timely, proper and effective use of budget funds in accordance with the approved Strategic plan of the Machine and a financing plan on liabilities and payments. Keeps records and control of budget funds allocated from the local budget, as well as targeted transfers allocated from the national budget for the maintenance of preschool organizations of the district. Ensures the organization of accounting, delivery of quarterly, semi-annual, annual reports to the financial authorities in accordance with applicable law.

Head of Department -, tel.: 55-73-72

Implements the tasks and functions of personnel management, defined by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of public service. Ensures the passage of public service within the framework of an integrated system of personnel management of the state body, the execution of labor legislation and legislation on public service in the state body, ensuring compliance with the regime and working conditions, as well as restrictions related to the stay in the public service. Forms the personnel of the staff And organizes competitive selection. Provides professional development of personnel, including through the organization of retraining, advanced training, internships. Organizes and ensures the activities of competitive, certification, disciplinary and other commissions on personnel issues. Assesses the performance of civil servants.

Department of social sphere and support of entrepreneurship

Head of Department – Khamzayev Araybek Amangeldievich, tel: 55 - 73-75

Carries out the implementation of the state policy in the field of social protection of the disabled, lonely elderly and other disadvantaged citizens. education, health, migration and demography, physical culture and sports, family and women, the development of the state language. Enabling interaction with the organizations of sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision, the protection of public order in matters of small business, organizes the implementation of the state program of support and development of small and medium businesses. Formation and improvement of the data Bank of business entities, issues of monitoring, collection and analysis of business development data, development of forecast indicators. Organization of interaction and coordination of work on the proper condition of outdoor and visual advertising of business objects.

Department of education and internal policy

Head of the Department – Zhumasheva Gulmira Berikovna, tel.: 55-67-93

Implements the state policy in the field of education, health, internal policy, religion, migration and demography, physical culture and sports, family and women, youth policy, development of the state language. It interacts with cultural and sports institutions, non-governmental organizations, political parties, religious confessions, ethno-cultural associations, the media, exercises control over the use of state symbols in enterprises, organizations, ensures the organization of national and professional holidays.

Department of life support

Head of the Department – Abdrashev Rustem Kairatovich, tel.: 55-73-80

Implementation of assistance in a clear smooth operation of supervised enterprises of all forms of ownership, to ensure the normal functioning of the area, control over the implementation of measures to prepare for the heating season. Conducts continuous work with KSK, KSP, HBC and the PC on improvement of quality of the provided services to the population of the area. Monitoring of the territory of the district by open hatches, interaction with management and municipal enterprises of the city. Response to emergency situations on water, heat, electricity in cooperation with municipal enterprises of the city. Control over the sanitary condition of the adjacent territory of the housing stock. The infrastructure division acting’.

Head of division – Karimkhanov Kuanish Berikboluli  tel.: 55-74-60

Interacts with urban services, energy, land relations, transport, communications, industrial enterprises, construction organizations and other economic entities of the district infrastructure. Assists authorized services in the rational use of fuel and energy resources and water. Exercises control over the production of earthworks for laying engineering networks or other works. Together with the working group works on identification, suppression of illegal construction and not target use of the parcels of land.

Production and technical Department

Head -, tel.: 55-73-97

Ensures the implementation of measures for the current content, lighting, sanitary cleaning and landscaping of the area. Organization and control over the timely conclusion of contracts with contractors for works and services in the supervised areas. Implementation of technical supervision over the timing and quality of work on the improvement and repair of objects. Checks the acts of work performed, design work, preparation of estimates and calculations. Coordinates interaction with divisions of JSC "Astana Zelenstroy", LLP" Astana Kalyk Zharyk", LLP" Astana Tazartu", coordinates the work of contractors.

Department of public works

Head of Department – Dosmaganbetov Ramil Maishulanovich  tel.: 55-73-97

Еnsure the implementation of action plans for accomplishment of yards, sanitary cleaning and landscaping of courtyard territories of the district. Carrying out, control and organization of municipal and citywide clean-UPS, preparation of necessary activities. Carries out the formation of analytical information and the report of the akim of the district in the supervised areas of the Department. Preparation and maintenance of a quarterly report on the work done. Consideration of applications and appeals of individuals and legal entities within the terms established by the legislation.

Department of public procurement

Head of Department – Smailov Askar  Sarsenbaevich tel.: 55-67-92

Implementation of public procurement by the budget programs in accordance with the law. Timely submission of the necessary information to the authorized body and its placement on the website, web portal. Verification of the correctness of public procurement contracts, control over the timely provision of information on contracts to the authorized body, control over the correctness of the preparation and approval of the annual plan of public procurement of goods, works and services.

Department of registration of acts of civil status

Head of the Department – Turasheva Aigul Akberdieva.: 55-73-79

Organizes the state registration of acts of civil status: birth, death, conclusion of marriage (matrimony), divorce (marriage), adoption (adoption), paternity, change of name, patronymic, surname, changes, additions and corrections, restoration, cancellation of records of acts of civil status and issuing the re certificates, references and copies of vital records on registration of acts of civil status on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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