Kulginov Altai Seidirovich

Mayor of Nur-Sultan city
Chief of Apparatus

Sarsembayev Adilbek Zeynullaevich

Akim of the district "Almaty"
Zhakenov Berik Oralovich

Zhakenov Berik Oralovich

Akim of the district "Esil" 

Yesilov Askar Sansyzbaevich

Akim of the district "Baikonur"

Yergali Yegemberdy

Akim of the district "Saryarka"

Nurkenov Nurlan Zhanbyrshyuly

Deputy Akim for Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction, Land Matters and Transport Infrastructure

Akhmetov Ruslan Amanzholovich

Head of the Department of building and housing policy of Astana city

Солтамбеков Нурлан Кожахметович

Head of the Department of transportation and road transport infrastructure development of the Astana city

Urankhayev Nurlan Telmanovich

Head of the Department of architecture and urban planning and land relations of Astana city

Kulushev Tolegen Bazarbayuli

Head of control and quality of the urban environment of Astana city

Amrin Askar Kemengeruly

Deputy Akim for Tax, Budget and Economic Policy, Territorial and Civil Defense

Mankaraev Kaisar Zakirovich

Head of the Department of strategic and budget planning of Astana city

Otebaev Ersin Kengebaevich

Head of asset Management and public procurement of the city of Astana

Zhumayev Alibi Aristangalievich

Head of the Department of Finance of Astana city

Bugubaev Arzhan Melisovich

Head of the regeneration of the urban environment of Astana

Макен Бактияр Макенович

Deputy Akim for Internal and Youth Policy, Information, Culture, Sports and Health

Shoranov Marat Edigeevich

Head of the Department of public health of Astana city

Head of Department for social development of Astana city

Нурлан Ерболатович Сыдыков

Head of culture and sport of Astana city

Kishkashbayev Tleugali Ashyrbekovich

Head of Management on development of languages and archives of Astana city

Nurgozhina Saule Ordabaevna

Head of the Department of employment and social protection of Astana city

Kaisagaliyev Altynbek Kenesovich

Deputy Akim for Energy, Public Utilities, Environment, Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare and Emergency Prevention

Toleuov Erbol Ualievich

Head of the Department of fuel and energy complex and municipal economy of Astana city

Tanabaev Musa Turmanovich

Head of the Department of environmental protection and environmental management of Astana city

Bekturova Malika Erlanovna

Deputy Akim for Investment and Innovation Development, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Education and Social Protection

Bekmurzaev Erlan Urynbasaruly

Head of the Department for investments and entrepreneurship development of Astana city

Zhangozin Anuar Kanatovich

Head of the Department of education of Astana city

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