How works first Paralympic training center in Kazakhstan

Here are two of coach coordinator. Kadysha Maksat, master of sports in table tennis, disabled third group, and Halelov Alibi, master of speed skating.

«We are planning in September to send our coaches-coordinators of training in Russia to obtain a certificate of physical therapy. This certificate will allow them to open their sections, and it's not just table tennis and bocce, golbol, flash hockey and other sports, which we plan to develop in the future» – summed up the Asanas of Tolybaev.

The center also trains children with disabilities who are «under the wing» of the «world of equal opportunities» free of charge.

«In the gyms we have instructors who have received special training. But we do not launch into the halls at once: we need to comply with a certain algorithm – first, our sports doctor determines the state of human health, his medical history. Then he has to get a permit from your doctor. Only after that we give him a pass, and he can at any time – from 9 am to 9 PM – to engage in free gym. All for free. We do not have paid services in the center», - the Director of the center explained.

In the center during the day can be engaged in a total of 780 people and from 300 to 350 in each of the rooms. 

It should be noted that if the gym can be used free of charge by all who have received admission from a doctor, then only Paralympic athletes, the national team for Paralympic sports, as well as members of the club «Zhiger» of Astana can be engaged in the game hall and the martial arts hall. Athletes also have the opportunity to work out in the gym.

«The trick of our restrooms is that there is nothing to twist, to press the taps: everything works sensory, up to soap, hair dryer, that is, nowhere no effort is needed. Handrails are installed everywhere. In the showers there are special seats for the disabled, which can withstand about 200 kg, special hook for crutches, «alarm» button. The floor comes with a rubber crumb, so that it is not slippery, but we hedged and bought mats», – explain to us the experts in the corridors of the center.

The second console is located in the reception area. The same buttons are installed in the toilets, showers, as well as in the sauna.

All rooms have grab bars, mirrors, tactile markings, special plans for the evacuation for the blind green, sanitizer for hands, buttons of a call, the signal of which is fed to the control the sports doctor at the center Azamat Nurmakhanova.

«All sports equipment is certified. We can hold not only training sessions, but also competitions at the level of the world championship on this equipment», - the speaker stressed.

The martial arts hall, with an area of about 400 square meters, is currently undergoing transformation-there are also table tennis tables.

The area of the playing hall is 400 sq. m. Floors covered with costly floating parquet. In addition, there is a professional coating for sitting volleyball. The markings on the four Paralympic sports – sitting volleyball, boccia, golbol, tennis on wheelchairs. Gates special for golball, donated OF « world of equal opportunities». There will also be engaged in dancing in wheelchairs.

There is also a unique 3/5 treadmill in this hall.

«This is a treadmill in increased size. It has no analogues in Kazakhstan. Its uniqueness is that not only Paralympians, but also members of the national team can train here. He leads the analysis of the athlete. That is, if a world champion (a skater or a skier, for example) runs here once, then the computer reads his data, and then we can train other athletes on them. The system fully shows how the athlete bends his body, where he does more tilt, that is, a full video analysis of his training is issued. The track also goes up 45 degrees, which helps cyclists or wheelchair users train by simulating the ascent and descent from the mountains. We are in her system loaded on the projection data of specific sports facilities, including Medeo, has conducted tests on such sports as ski – skating, biathlon, wheelchair dancing, short track, speed skating and Cycling. The track works, everyone likes it», - he said.

«The object was originally called Fitnation. But after the reconstruction, which lasted about 8 months, it was transformed into a Paralympic training center. The official opening of the center took place on July 4 with the participation of the Head of state, representatives of the international Paralympic Committee. We received a message from the Head of state and started working not only for the Paralympians, but also for the disabled of all categories of the city», – said the Director of the Paralympic center Asan Turlybayev.

In the center there are three rooms: a gym, a games room and a martial arts hall. In the gym area of 500 square meters there are 40 devices for performing strength exercises. All simulators are adapted for people with special needs.

From the first to the second floor can be reached by a special lift, and from the second to the third floor takes a special Elevator, which can accommodate six wheelchairs at the same time. But inside the building there are also ramps, handrails. The center has a medical unit, changing rooms (male and female).

Not far from the reception there is a large tactile mimic for visually impaired people, where all the information about the center is printed in Braille. 

Not far from the dressing room there is an area with special drawers. There can be to leave valuable things, bags and so on. There is also a zone of informing visitors to the center, recreation, food and a hotel for 12 people.

In the lobby, at the entrance is a dressing room, where you can leave your outerwear. It is two-level, the lower tier is made specifically lower to wheelchair users was convenient to place their belongings.

At the main entrance, a unique device immediately catches the eye – the first in Kazakhstan washing for wheelchairs with tire inflation. The author of the invention is Ardak Atarbayev-a member of the national team of Kazakhstan on wheelchair dancing. In free time he is engaged in private business (service Station-a Bus.). The importance of this device is undeniable, especially when you consider that Astana is one of the coldest capitals in the world, where rains are replaced by snow and, conversely, for almost nine months of the year.

The center is located in a lively area of the city-on the left Bank, in the village of Karaotkel. Already on the way to the building you feel great care about people with special needs: ramps, sound greeting in three languages (Kazakh, Russian and English), tactile paving slabs, a button for automatic opening and closing of the entrance doors and much more. All this is done to ensure that people, without any special effort, could get inside the room.

Director of the Paralympic training center Asan Turlybayev told the official website of Astana akimat about the unique construction designed for high-quality and professional training of national teams and sports reserve for summer and winter Paralympic sports.

Kazakhstan's First Paralympic training center was opened in Astana on 4 July. Now dozens of people with disabilities are honing their skills and preparing to achieve the goal. As the athletes themselves say, life has turned 180 degrees, because they have the opportunity to achieve the goal.

How works first Paralympic training center in Kazakhstan

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