Как столичные школьники мусор на канцелярские товары обменивают

Last year in the city's schools experimentally began to install containers for separate garbage collection. It turned out to such an important cause, the children are treated with special diligence. Every month they managed to collect up to 400 kg of waste paper and plastic! This academic year, green, yellow and blue containers will appear in dozens of other educational institutions. Correspondents of the official website of Astana akimat talked with students and found out all the advantages of this innovation.

School № 37. Today here in each class instead of one trash can you can see two boxes. This innovation introduced themselves students.

«You know; every day we have garbage. It can be different drafts scribbled, pens, bottles of juice and water. And in order not to go all day to the containers, we came up with these boxes. Throughout the day they collect garbage, then the duty carries them in special tanks», – says a student of grade 8 Sulu Atymtay.

The habit, which is taught in school, entered into everyday life. Now at home, many students have introduced a mode of separate garbage collection. Fortunately, such containers are installed throughout the city, students say.

Useful and, as it turned out, mutually beneficial service is provided to the school by clean City NC LLP on the initiative of the mayor's office of the capital. The company has installed in the school blue (for paper), yellow (for glass) and green (for plastic) containers.

New garbage cans are compact, so they were placed in the room.

«We did this for the convenience of students, so they did not go outside in the cold. Containers are at the entrance, there is always a guard on duty», - says the Deputy Director of the school Gulden Alibekova.

Now the company takes the garbage and supplies the school with stationery.

«This school receives office supplies in exchange for garbage, which we then allow for recycling. Pens, rulers, and notebooks are given to children from low-income families. Such is a win-win service,» says CEO supports the company Dylan Akhmetov.

Similar containers for separate collection of solid waste will appear in 90 pre-school organizations and 79 secondary schools of the city before the end of the year. The relevant Memorandum was signed by Astana office of education and «Clean City NC» company for collection and removal of solid waste.

«School No. 37 was needed stationery, the other may be necessary, as other products, paint, paper. Each school will have signed an individual contract», - explains Dylan Akhmetov.

Subjects are different, one benefit-agree students, teachers and entrepreneurs. It improves the environment, and students are attached to an environmental culture. After all, the habit that they acquire at school will remain for life.

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