Astana Resident invented wheelchair washer

 In the Paralympic training center of Astana there is a unique area – «the Invaservis self», designed for people moving on wheelchairs. It allows people with disabilities to clean the wheels of their wheelchairs on their own. The inventor is a member of the national team of Kazakhstan on wheelchair dance Ardak Otorbayev.

 «My disability is acquired. In 2006, he was in an accident. I got a spinal fracture. Doctors miraculously saved me, but in the end I still had to change to a wheelchair. The weather conditions of the city confused me. Every time after a walk it was necessary to clean the wheels, so as not to leave dirty traces at home. Brush, rinse, wipe back dry. In general, difficult.  And I thought for a long time about how to invent such a device, where it will be possible to clean the chassis of the stroller without much physical effort. And then, by the way, I was approached by the Director of the Paralympic Committee and asked to do something similar», - says Ardak Otorbaev.

But to implement the project, he said, was not easy: after all, there were no examples before my eyes. Everything was done by trial and error. It was necessary not only to make the pilot equipment, but also to install and run it.

«After everything was installed, I personally tested the equipment. He showed me how to use it. Now it is readily used by people. And it pleases!» - the author of the project shares his impressions.

It should be noted that the equipment used in «Invaservice self-service» has no analogues in the world. It is the first domestic equipment invented on the basis of the analysis and needs of activity of the people moving on wheelchairs. Now the author of the project undergoes the procedure of obtaining a patent for his equipment. With favorable success, he says, it will be possible to establish a mass production of such installations. And the demand for them is already there.

«Today, there is an urgent need to establish such in crowded places, Such as the center of public service, medical institutions and employment centers, that is, in those places where wheelchair users often turn», - he explained.

The motto of the author of the project is to bring maximum benefit to people with disabilities, so that they can move freely around the city, independently solve everyday household problems, without waiting for help from outside. Therefore, Ardak did not stop there and invented another equipment that allows conventional cars to transfer to manual control.

«No one is engaged in this not only in Astana, but in the whole Kazakhstan. But this is a very important job. This gives us the ability to mobile movement. For today I already converted cars 10. Moreover, I taught one guy manual control of a car, who had no driving experience at all», - Ardak Otorbaev said.

Another project implemented by the specialists of the public Association of disabled people of Astana center «Independent life «DOS» is the first Kazakh brand «DOS» for the production of wheelchairs. The inventors in their new project took into account all the disadvantages of all existing wheelchairs and came up with a fundamentally new model.

 «Today we have already certified it. These strollers are produced at the factory in China by our order. They are made of high quality aluminum alloy (models for rooms) and alloy steel (for the street). This made it possible to reduce the weight of the stroller from 18-19 kg to 8-11 provides the ability to adjust the rear wheels. But that's not all! Both armrests are moved back, and the user will be more comfortable to change to the bed and back to the chair. Or they can be completely removed during sports, for example. All covers are removable and washable. In short, the modernized strollers are very easy to operate. The first batch of wheelchairs has already been issued in Astana», - the author of the project says.

And the inventor started small: at first he repaired wheelchairs to friends and acquaintances. Then he decided to create a service station for the repair of wheelchairs. Initially, there were few orders, but now the station repairs 3-4 strollers a day for free.

«Now wheelchairs are brought to us not only from Astana, but also from the regions – Kyzylorda, Kostanay, Ust-Kamenogorsk. Recently we trained children from Shymkent, and they opened the same workshop there. People are happy that they have the opportunity to repair their strollers. After all, before that, many strollers were in an indecent form, and they were forced to sit at home. And now they can walk, go to work, that is, they have become much more mobile. And it can not but rejoice. So we are on the right track», - says Ardak.

In addition, Ardak seriously interested in spartancami and all my free time to this passion. And I must say, not without success. He has already won several international Championships. Another desire of the inventor is to actively develop tourism for disabled people to the tourist areas of Kazakhstan were accessible to people with disabilities.

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