iKomek 109

About iKomek109

Today the unified contact center iKOMEK 109 of the moyar's offica of Nur-Sultan unites all call centers of municipal enterprises and became a single point of contact with residents of the city that works in 24/7 mode

 All appeals are processed and entered in the register of appeals of residents with the assignment of the registration number and then transferred to the state bodies, utilities to resolve the issue within the prescribed time.

More than 5,000 applications are received daily. The percentage of processing the requests is 99%,

iKomek call-center operators accept applications from residents of all communication channels:

For 2018 there is a decrease in the number of official appeals in the offices of districts, the Akimat apparatus and departments by 20%.

In the services catalog of the iKomek center there are more than 1570 services to which the operator can provide an answer from the first call.

80% of residents' calls are closed from the first bell, and this figure is planned to be increased to 85%.