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City event

Photo Exhibition "Chronicles Of Independent Kazakhstan»

  • District АЛМАТЫ, проспект Тауелсиздик, ДОМ 52

Reason: Weekly action plan

Beginning: 10.12.2018 г. 10:00 ч.
Ending: 31.12.2018 г. 18:00 ч.

Emergency works

Disconnect the gas supply at Auezova str., 24., 26, Dzhangildin str., 32, Republic Ave., 37., 39., 41/1, 43A

  • District САРЫАРКА, улица Мухтара Ауэзова, ДОМ 24
  • District САРЫАРКА, улица Мухтара Ауэзова, ДОМ 26
  • District САРЫАРКА, улица Алиби Жангельдина, ДОМ 32
  • District САРЫАРКА, проспект Республики, ДОМ 37
  • District САРЫАРКА, проспект Республики, ДОМ 39
  • District САРЫАРКА, проспект Республики, ДОМ 41/1
  • District САРЫАРКА, проспект Республики, ДОМ 43А

Reason: Damage to the pipeline

Beginning: 07.12.2018 г. 10:00 ч.
Ending: 07.12.2018 г. 20:00 ч.

City event

Dear users of public transport! To improve the existing transport support of Okzhetpes street, the city route No. 5 has been optimized. The changes will come into force this Saturday, December 8, 2018. Optimization allowed to solve several problems. First improve the facilities at St. Okzhetpes; Secondly, the changed scheme of movement will provide a transport link between the street, in a pine forest and the residential area "Koktal-1»; In addition, students living on Okzhetpes street will now have direct access to schools in the residential area "Koktal-1". The scheme will change as follows: From the initial stopping point "Hypermarket "Stroymart" before crossing the street Herzen – str Okzhetpes unchanged, continue straight on the street, in a pine forest, left onto St. Koktal, then according to the established scheme of movement. In the opposite direction-similarly.

Reason: Changes of the itinerary

Beginning: 06.12.2018 г. 20:30 ч.
Ending: 07.12.2018 г. 23:30 ч.

City event

Attention hockey fans!Friends, today, December 6, in connection with the hockey match Barys (Astana) - Tractor (Chelyabinsk) will be organized supply of special "Shuttle - Bus" buses (with reverse export). Departure (landing) - Parking " SK "Kazakhstan" and Parking at the monument Kanzhygaly Bogenbay-Batyr (crossing avenues Bogenbay Batyr and Saryarka);Time of sending routes -18: 30 HH.Delivery place-IC " Barys-arena»;The fare on special "Shuttle-Bus" buses is the same as in public transportWe wish the guys victory!

Reason: City events

Beginning: 06.12.2018 г. 12:00 ч.
Ending: 06.12.2018 г. 23:59 ч.

Emergency works

R. Saryarka. PS "Kirov" Yach. 203. Hooked up, cause: shot down by prop 10 kV. an unknown vehicle.

Reason: emergency shutdown

Beginning: 05.12.2018 г. 12:24 ч.
Ending: 05.12.2018 г. 14:05 ч.

Emergency works

Power outage on the street E-489 house 5 LCD "Anisa", on the street Mukhamedkhanova 41 LCD "Cote d'azur".

  • District ЕСИЛЬ, улица Е 489, ДОМ 5

Reason: Specify

Beginning: 04.12.2018 г. 11:04 ч.
Ending: 04.12.2018 г. 13:30 ч.

City event

Personal exhibition "world of dreams" teacher of secondary school № 52 Zh. Kairat

Reason: Weekly action plan

Beginning: 03.12.2018 г. 10:00 ч.
Ending: 20.12.2018 г. 18:00 ч.

Tracks closing/Opening

01.12.2018 17-55. Open traffic on the highway "Astana-Pavlodar", for all types of vehicles.

Reason: the opening track

Beginning: 01.12.2018 г. 17:55 ч.
Ending: 01.12.2018 г. 23:00 ч.

Emergency works

Disconnection of water supply. The water supply organized by the state-owned utility enterprise "Astana su Arnasy" of Astana akimatUnder the off: Rudaki street, Shashu lane, Kunshuak street, Autogen lane (private sector)

Reason: A burst water pipe D=200 mm.

Beginning: 30.11.2018 г. 10:30 ч.
Ending: 30.11.2018 г. 16:00 ч.

Tracks closing/Opening

30.11.2018 in 07.00 route Astana-Karaganda is open to all types of vehicles

Reason: Weather conditions

Beginning: 30.11.2018 г. 07:30 ч.
Ending: 30.11.2018 г. 14:00 ч.