Office of Energy Is Implementing the Projects for Ensuring Reliable and Smooth Heat and Power Supply

The Office of Energy is planning to put into operation new facilities of heat sources, heat supply, power supply, reconstruction and modernization of old equipment in the near future. This became known during the meeting of the Mayor’s Office.

Thus, in the current year it is planned to launch three substations and a heating main on Baitursynov and Nazhimidenov streets. These facilities will provide electric power to the new railway station, "Kasіpqor" world-class college, Dostyk Village, Pumping Stations Nos. 15, 16 of the 4th input heating main, the area of Batygai, Shygys prospective site development, Green Quarter Residential Complex, residential sites development under the demolition of dilapidated housing program, KMC, as well as for EXPO-2017 facilities.

Until 2019, reconstruction of HES-1 and expansion of HES-2 will be completed. In the same period, construction of the first stage of HES-3 will be completed, and its further commissioning has been already scheduled for 2018-2019 heating season.

Construction works for heating mains to the campus of Kazakh University of Humanities and Law, Secondary School No. 61, Merei Kindergarten No. 53, the Blood Center are underway to connect the social facilities to central heating until 2017-2018 heating season.

In 2017, it is planned to reconstruct many heating mains in the city's districts and lay the heating main of the 5th input from HES-3 to Uly Dala Str. This implementation of the project will ensure the transfer of heat from the heat source of HES-3 to the consumers of the right-bank and left-bank parts of the city, as well as the facilities of EXPO. Construction of the heating main on Moldagulova Str., which in the future will allowconnecting new facilities and transferring social facilities, "Saryarka" Cycle Track, "Astana-Arena", "Highwill Park" RC, KazUHL, 6 schools, 4 kindergartens, as well as residential complexes located on Tlendiyev Ave. to the centralized heat supply.

Moreover, design and survey works are being carried out by power engineers to develop:

1. Feasibility study for the heating main of the 6th input, which will provide heat supply to the north-western part of the city from the 2nd stage of HES-3.

2. Design and estimate documentation for the heating main along Tlendiyev Avenue, the implementation of which will allow providing the centralized heat supply to "Ulytau", "Zhetizhol", "Aqotau", "Aq Tilek", "Koktal-2" residential complexes. Theconstructionhasbeenscheduledforthisyear.

3. Design and estimate documentation for the jumper between TM-48 and 5th input for TM-48 unloading.

4. Design and estimate documentation for the "Construction of New DP, TP in Astana. 3rd Stage (100 units)" project and Batygai District for the modernization of electric power equipment in the right-bank part of the city.

5. Design and estimate documentation of the electric power networks of Agrogorodok District, Ondiris, Zheleznodorozhniy residential areas for reliable and uninterrupted power supply from the city networks.

Within the framework of the public-private partnership, the Office is planning to build "Ishim" substations in Telman Village and "Ondiris" substation in Ondiris Village in the period of 2017-2019. It is proposed to implement the automated heat points and energy consumption management system with the dispatching of 138 budget institutions in Astana (healthcare, culture, education) to solve the tasks of the Complex Energy Saving Plan of Astana. According to the performed calculations, this will allow reducing the actual heat load of budget institutions by 10%, or 10.9 Gcal/h.

It is planned to complete the project for reconstruction of “Keramika” substation and construction of a cable line and a distribution point for electric power supply to Alai Municipal Market and prospective development site along Alash Highway.

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