On public-private partnership

Investments play an important role in maintaining and building the country’s economic potential. Currently, the mechanism of public-private partnership is a priority way to attract investments, both for the Akimat of Astana city, and for the Republic as a whole. 

The main instrument for implementing projects is private investment in the PPP mechanism. In most cases, the implementation of PPP projects involves the financing, creation, operation of social infrastructure and life support facilities at the expense of the private sector, with the use of state support, including the provision of land, compensation for investment costs and other types of financial support.

In order to attract investors for the implementation of investment projects and mutually beneficial cooperation, Center of Public-Private Partnership “Astana INVEST” City Investment Development Center LLP operates under the Akimat of Astana city and within the framework of its activities provides advisory support for city PPP projects.

The functions of the PPP Center include:

  • development of all necessary documentation in accordance with PPP legislation (financial model, tender documentation, draft PPP contract);
  • provision of consulting services in the negotiation process of the PPP Commission with the bidder;
  • project support prior to the conclusion of the contract between the Akimat and the private partner; search for private partners (investors); holding round tables and seminars on PPP.
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