About 100 Thousand People are expected to be involved in the Citywide Subbotnik

Завтра в Астане состоится общегородской субботник, в котором примут участие около 100 тысяч человек, а также будет задействовано более 450 единиц техники.

Tomorrow, a citywide Subbotnik, which will be attended by about 100 thousand people, as well as involve more than 450 pieces of machinery, will be held in Astana.

As a part of the Environmental Month, sanitation of the city territory, cleaning of streets, sidewalks and intra-territories, planting of trees will be carried out. In addition, storm water and ditch-and-tray-type sewer will be cleaned, seasonal agro-technical works for green spaces in parks and public gardens will be provided, illegal landfills and contaminated sites will be eliminated.

We should note that it is planned to plant seedlings of willow, maple, pine, fir, elm and poplar during the Subbotnik. In total, Astana residents will plant more than 8 thousand trees during the citywide Subbotnik.

Thus, it is planned to plant over 4 thousand trees in "Almaty" District. Over 700 trees will be planted from Tauyelsizdik Ave. to Mirzoyan Str. by representatives of akimat and maslikhat of the city, Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, representatives of "Khazret Sultan" mosque. More than 400 trees are planned to be planted on Baytursynov Str. from Tauyelsizdik Ave. to Sarykol Str., more than 500 pieces  in Yugo-Vostok Micro-District on Talgar, Taskesken and Sartau streets. Whitewashing of trees in the territory of "Almaty" District will be carried out on Tauyelsizdik Ave., Momyshuly Ave., Koshkarbayev Str., Kaldayakov Str., Baitursynov Str., Nazhimedenov Str., Barayev Str., Kravtsov Str., No.46 Str., Tashenov Str.

The deputies of both chambers of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, representatives of the Presidential Administration, the Office of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, members of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan will take part in planting trees on Orynbor Str. from Hussein Bin Talal Str. to No.31 Str. There will be 1.5 thousand trees planted. In addition, planting of 80 trees in "Aray" Park is planned. Whitewashing of trees will be carried out on Turan Ave., Kunayev Str., Korgalzhyn Highway from Kabanbay Batyr Ave. to Beysekov Str.

In "Saryarka" District, over 1.1 thousand trees will be planted. There, the tree planting will involve representatives of the media, the City Council of Veterans and students. Seedlings will be planted on N. Tilendiyev Ave., on Babatayuly Str., as well as in Koktal residential area.

We should recall that the autumn Environmental Month on sanitary cleaning, landscaping and improvement of Astana territory in the period from September 7 to October 7, 2015.

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