In the capital, the PPP project «Creation and operation of the Paralympic training center and the «Tarlan» Ice arena for people with disabilities was initiated»

DG «Department of culture and sports of Astana», in accordance with article 44 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «on public-private partnership» (hereinafter – the Law) and in accordance with paragraph 133 «Rules of planning and implementation of public-private partnership projects» dated November 25, 2015 № 725 (hereinafter - the Rules), notifies The potential private partner of the project of public-private partnership «Creation and operation of the Paralympic training center and the ice arena «Tarlan» for people with disabilities of Astana» (hereinafter – The PPP project) through direct negotiations.

  1. The actual need for goods, works and services within the framework of the received application: the PPP Project assumes the provision of existing buildings of sports infrastructure, privately owned by a Potential private partner for rent to a Public partner for the organization of physical culture and sports for people with disabilities, as well as athletes with disabilities in Astana.
  2. Belonging of the project to technically complex and (or) unique: the PPP Project is not technically complex and (or) unique.
  3. The conditions of the PPP Project:
  4. a) sources of financing for the PPP Project are own funds of a Potential private partner;
  5. b) a potential private partner should have sports facilities that fully meet the requirements of accessibility of people with limited mobility (MSN 3.02-05-2003 «Accessibility of buildings and structures for people with limited mobility», RDS RK 3.01-05-2001 « urban planning. Planning and construction of settlements taking into account the needs of disabled people and other people with limited mobility», JV RK 3.06-15-2005 « Design of buildings and structures taking into account the availability for people with limited mobility. Generalities»);
  6. C) the main consumers of sports facilities services are people with disabilities, including athletes with disabilities in Astana;
  7. d) sports facilities should be adapted and equipped with sports equipment for physical training and sports for people with disabilities of Astana;
  8. c) the PPP Project duration is estimated to be 10 years (120 months);
  9. The expected outcome of the PPP Project:

1) creation of conditions for physical culture and sports for people with disabilities in Astana.

2) provision of sports infrastructure for holding the training process and the training of sportsmen-invalids of Astana city – 12 524 hours per year.

  1. Requirements for potential private partners: meet the General qualification requirements defined by article 32 of the Law, as well as the requirements of legislation in the field of physical culture and sports, social protection of the population.
  2. Potential private partners interested in the implementation of the planned PPP Project, submit an alternative proposal in accordance with the requirements specified in this Notice, as well as to the application for participation in direct negotiations on the definition of a private partner:

1) indicate the name and address (legal and actual) of the potential private partner;

2) specify nationality (for legal persons, individuals);

3) indicate data on the managers or owners of legal entities and persons who will represent a potential private partner;

4) attach documents confirming the property rights or long-term lease in respect of the object belonging to a potential private partner in accordance with paragraph 128 of the Rules;

5) attach documents of the state license for medical activity and sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on compliance of the real estate object for rendering medical services;

6) business plan drawn up in accordance with this notice and the requirements of the legislation in the field of public-private partnership of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Alternative proposals of potential private partners according to their characteristics and parameters should be equal or higher (towards improvement for the Public partner) specified in the Notice.

In case of interest in the implementation of the PPP Project, it is necessary to submit the relevant documents by courier or registered mail to the address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city, Beybitshilik str. 11, SE «Department of culture and sports of Astana», e-mail address: kense_uk@mail.ru mmm.

Alternative bids are accepted within 30 calendar days from the date of publication of this Notice.

Any use of materials is only permitted with an active hyperlink to the official website of the city of Nur-Sultan http://astana.gov.kz

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