Changes in pension provision

  1. Pension from one window.

In order to implement the composite service for filing a single application for the appointment of pension payments by age, using the principle of «one window», July 2, 2018, the Law of Kazakhstan «on pension provision in Kazakhstan» was amended in terms of the provisions on the interaction of the State Corporation and SAPF on accounting, transfer, return of pension payments.

According to the principle of «one window» persons who have reached retirement age, for the purpose of labor pension (for the experience before 01.01.1998) and the state basic pension payment, as well as for retirement benefits at the expense of mandatory pension contributions and mandatory professional pension contributions in the SAPF will apply with a single application and a package of documents only to the PSC. Currently retired for the assignment of payments at the expense of budget funds appeal, statements and documents to the division of the State Corporation for the community (PSC), and for pension payments age at the expense of the expense of mandatory pension contributions in the Fund. After the introduction of the composite service, payments from budget funds and pension savings will be made on one day and to one Bank account specified in the application.

These changes are made in the interests of recipients of pension payments who have reached the generally established retirement age. At the same time, other existing functions and tasks of the SAPF, including the issues of accounting, calculation, write-off and transfer of monthly pension payments by age and strategic objectives remain unchanged. During the first half of this year, preparatory work on the implementation of this service was carried out.

To date, «Single accumulative pension Fund» is ready to introduce a composite service, but this service will be introduced only after the relevant amendments and additions to the regulatory legal acts regulating the order of pension payments from «Single accumulative pension Fund», approved by the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Prior to amendments and additions to the regulatory legal acts, the procedure for applying for pensions from the state budget and payments from the SPSF remains the same.

  1. Pension contributions of persons receiving income under civil law contracts will become mandatory.

The law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «on amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on social security» amended the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «on pension provision in the Republic of Kazakhstan», in particular article 25 according to which citizens working on the basis of civil law contracts are obliged to pay mandatory pension contributions.

According to the amendments, physical persons who receive income under contracts civil–legal character, by analogy with the applicable procedure provided for lawyers, private bailiffs, private lawyers, professional mediators and individual entrepreneurs are obliged to pay mandatory pension contributions in the amount of 10 percent of earned income, but not less than 10 percent of the minimum wage and does not exceed 10% of 75 times the minimum wage.

Previously, the deduction of mandatory pension contributions was the right of individuals receiving income under contracts of a civil nature. After the introduction of the above amendments, the payment of mandatory pension contributions will become an obligation. They must, however, make their own contributions. The detailed procedure of deductions is regulated By the rules of transfer of contributions approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In accordance with the current version of these Rules, individual entrepreneurs, private notaries, private bailiffs, lawyers and professional mediators, withheld (accrued) mandatory pension contributions must be transferred to the «state Corporation «Government for citizens», independently in their favor - no later than the 25th day of the month following the reporting month. Currently, these Rules are specified in connection with the above legislative changes in the part of individuals working under contracts of a civil nature. Lawyers, private bailiffs, private notaries, professional mediators, as well as individual entrepreneurs who do not have accounts in banks and organizations engaged in certain types of banking operations (hereinafter - the banks), make mandatory pension contributions in cash to the second-tier Bank, the following Bank details for their subsequent transfer to the individual pension account in the SPSF:

The beneficiary's Bank

 «State Corporation» Government for citizens»

Beneficiary's Bank identification code


Individual identification code of the beneficiary


The business identification number of the beneficiary


payment purpose code

«Payment purpose code»010


In case of absence of income for a certain period, these persons have the right to pay mandatory pension contributions to the SAPF in their favor at the rate of 10 percent of the minimum wage established for the corresponding financial year by the law on the Republican budget. In the absence of a pension agreement at the expense of mandatory pension contributions, it is necessary to conclude it by signing an application by the depositor in the form posted on the Internet resource of the SAPF. An application for opening an individual pension account can be submitted at any office of the Fund with an identity card or on the SPSF website.kz with the help of electronic digital signature. These amendments were made in order to increase the amount of pension savings of citizens due to the regularity and completeness of mandatory pension contributions. As you know, Kazakhstan has a three-level model of pension formation, which involves not only the state, the employer, but also all working citizens, including those who are not employees. As the accumulative component of the pension system will become the predominant / main component over time, it is important to create conditions for maximum coverage of the employed population by the pension system.

At the same time, timely and regular payment of mandatory pension contributions is necessary for all categories of citizens, including for persons engaged in employment under civil law contracts and will not only increase the amount of pension savings, but also ensure a higher amount of the basic pension payment, since from July 1, 2018, its calculation takes into account the length of service and experience of participation in the funded pension system.

  1. JSC «SPSF» reports on the introduction of Whatsapp service – A new remote channel of interaction with consumers, including those located abroad, by number 8-777-000-1418

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