«Smart» district changes

Manage your home by one click on your phone. Since this year, the capital has implemented the project «Smart district «on the basis of the district «Zhastar». A kind of «island of the future» will collect all the advanced technologies: from smart home to smart post. If innovations are supported by residents, the project will be implemented throughout the city.

Journalists of the official website of the mayor's office of the capital visited the yards of the district and found out how the introduction of «smart technologies» affected the lives of residents. Today two of the houses are equipped with smart intercom. Now residents of these complexes can open and close the door to the entrance without getting up from the sofa. The main thing that at hand was a phone with a downloaded application. And, looking at the screen of the smartphone you can immediately see who comes to visit you. The camera scans the incoming face and opens the door to «his» person. But that's not all.


«Every resident can see who came to him through the same application, even if the owner was not at home. In addition, there is a function of notification of residents: before each entrance to the house, the system notifies of any news relating to housing, city or district, for example, holding a clean-up. There is also a function of emergency and SOS, when pressed, the picture is automatically sent to the DVD,» - says Olzhas Sartayev, Chairman of the Board of Astana Innovations JSC.

«I became much quieter, I already know that our entrance is clean and there are no suspicious people. Intercom is unique, I don't think he will interfere in the other houses», - said the inhabitant of the house Elena Kravtseva.


«We are implementing not only urban solutions, but also IT, smart and green projects. «Smart» district is a kind of» live» laboratory where you can test different technologies in these three areas», - says Olzhas Sartayev, Chairman of the Board of Astana Innovations. In total, 30 projects will be implemented in the youth team.


One of the most useful and significant solutions is Smart metering. Thanks to them, residents of two houses of the Baikonur district will be able to reduce their costs several times. Gas, water and electricity meters in 124 apartments have been completely replaced. The system allows to avoid floods and to see to each inhabitant all municipal consumption.


«The new meters send data directly to the utilities. In addition, it is expected to reduce costs. This will be achieved by transparent charging for General expenses and reducing the error of sending data. The new» smart «counters error is 3%, while the predecessors reached 20%. In addition, the system allows to prevent floods,» says technical analyst Centre for sustainable development of the capital Daulet Beseem.


«I have been living here for 11 years, and if earlier people came to our apartments to record these testimonies, to record them, of course, where mistakes were made, we spent time, we understood everything. Now all this is done automatically. It's actually very convenient», - says the resident of the house Nurbol Kupiano. Security cameras are responsible for security.


«We have fully equipped one yard with video surveillance cameras. It was made by the company which is engaged in projects «Sergek» across the city. There are two moving cameras PTZ and 20 fixed, the picture is transmitted directly to the Central Department of DVD», - said the Chairman of the Board.In September in the same yard the system of the admission by means of Face Recognition technology will work. It will not require the use of pass cards, keys, magnets and smartphones.

«The camera will recognize the face, and if it is in the database, the door will open automatically. This applies to barriers and intercoms», - explains the project Manager of the performing company «Korkem Telecom» Zhunisbek Temirlan.


«This is the optimization of daily things-check-in, check-out to the yard, so that there is no congestion of cars. «Smart cameras» also react to smoke sensors, in case of fire, operators in the DVD see it all and instantly react «T. Zhunisbek continues.Residents of the area also boast a «smart» stop stainless steel. The stop is equipped with security cameras, all information is monitored by security services». In this stop, a touch panel is installed, passengers can see the full movement of buses. It displays all the information that we have in the mobile application «Smart Astana», also with the help of this panel you can call a taxi», - O. Sartayev said.

At this stage of project implementation, a new pedestrian crossing with LED projections and a laser has been installed in the smart district, which includes three warning systems for the driver. According to the plan, it works as soon as a person approaches it. With the help of bright and visual volumetric lighting of the sign at night, the driver sees in advance on the way an obstacle that allows you to stop the car in advance, and the pedestrian safely cross the road. Now technical work is underway. Underground containers for solid waste collection are installed in the yards. As in many countries, they were buried underground. This saves space, leads to a lack of smell. At the same time, the creation of such an exemplary district will become the standard for the subsequent construction of the city's microdistricts. According to Astana Innovations management, all innovations are installed at the expense of investors.


Text: Madina NURBEKOVA

Photo: Adilkhan ILYASOV

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