Ayaz Shabutdinov: Kazakhstan in many performances ahead of Russia

According to the official website of capital akimat, last weekend in the capital of Kazakhstan was the first big business forum «Astana Bastau-business territory». Leading businessmen of Kazakhstan, Russia, the USA and a number of European countries shared their experience and told about the secrets of their success. Among them were the owner of the holding «Like» Ayaz Shabutdinov, Director of the holding «Choko Family» Ramil Mukhoryapov, entrepreneur and strategist in the field of business digitalization Trevor Chapman.

The global task of «business territory» is to give new ideas and tools in the field of sales, investment, packaging and business scaling. The main purpose of the forum, organized by the mayor's office of Astana, SEC «Astana» and business School «synergy», is to make it clear to entrepreneurs how profitable it is to invest in the capital's business projects. The official website of Astana akimat asked experts to assess the prospects of the market of Kazakhstan and Astana in particular, as well as to answer the question whether it is possible to start a business with a thousand dollars in your pocket.

Trevor Chapman, American entrepreneur. He earned more than $ 100 million in sales for his companies and partners.

«In Kazakhstan, the opportunities are indescribable. Why? Because there are no competitors. What is in America, in other countries, is not here. Due to the fact that there are no competitors, the success of the enterprise is almost guaranteed. I will tell you, if a person does something in Europe, America, you need to think about what I will be different, how to attract people. And here it is not necessary to think. Here you just have to do,» says Trevor Chapman.

 At the same time, the expert is sure that time should not be missed: «the World becomes flat, borders are erased. Very soon there will be no such opportunities.»

Ayaz Shabutdinov, semifinalist of the «school of the young billionaire» by Forbes magazine and the International award for young entrepreneurs GSEA EQ. The owner of holding «Like».

 «When I chose where to go next, Kazakhstan was in second place after Russia. Only then other countries. Our experience here shows that this is a very promising market. Kazakhstan in many respects is ahead of Russia. You have launched the AIFC here, I am annoyed that you have such initiatives, we do not have them. So all the same what we do in Russia, but increasingly can be developed here,» says A. Shabutdinov.

Ramil Mukhoryapov, owner of «Choko Family» holding. In 2017, the company's turnover increased from 11 billion tenge to more than 18 billion tenge. The entrepreneur is sure that you can start a business with a thousand dollars in your pocket. In this issue, capital is not so important as the desire to work.

«There is a lot of business that can be started with such money. As a rule, after all, the problem is not in capital, but in the fact that people cheat themselves, scare themselves that business is something difficult, heavy. They are afraid to lose the comfortable standard of living that they have. It's true-the first years of business are usually much worse than if you work for hire somewhere. And here they are simply not ready, as they say, to leave the comfort zone. You just need to be ready for constant work, no other recipes,» – said Muharyamov R.

 It should be noted that the forum was attended by more than 16 thousand people from all over Kazakhstan. Businessmen also exchanged knowledge and experience, and held business negotiations with future partners.

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