«Ghost Expedition» exhibition opened in Astana

According to the official website of capital akimat, the opening of the exhibition «Ghost Expedition» was held in the TSE Art gallery Destination.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations «European Union-Kazakhstan», as well as the year of cultural heritage of Europe. To prepare the exhibition, a group of artists from Poland, Switzerland and Kazakhstan made an expedition to the sacred places of Kazakhstan.

«I am grateful to the organizers and participants of the expedition for the work done and the results. For me, this project is very important because I can show our Country from different perspectives, to tell about the unexplored side of the places, shrouded in mysticism and legends», – said the curator of the exhibition Anvar Musrepov.

Ancient monuments of pagan worship, places of power, the necropolis of the Paleolithic era, medieval Islamic, shrines and unique natural phenomena reveal its mystery through art and technology in works by such authors as Gregor Vogel (Switzerland), Marek Matosevic (Poland), Gregorz Demsoc (Poland), Nazir Karimov, Armand Sainov, Anwar Musrepov (Kazakhstan). Light, sound, experiment - the main tool for travelers to learn new and unknown. And their main goal is to find an explanation for the inexplicable, which reveals the secrets of sacred places. The works of the members of the expedition due to their multimedia and simplicity tell and show visitors of the exhibition in simple language about the mysterious phenomena of nature in a new format, sometimes even mystical.

Thus, one of the regions that was chosen for artistic research was Mangystau. The name of the region is translated from Kazakh as «thousand wintering». The ancient site of nomads keeps on its land numerous monuments of the Paleolithic era, ancient graves, sacred sites and necropolises of more than 362 Sufis. Some scientists suggest that Mangystau is the bottom of an ancient receded ocean. Against this background, the work of Anwar Musrepov, which conveys the form of an ancient tomb and the sacred sign of Bata with water from the sources of the underground mosque Beket-ATA, stands out.

I wanted to show all of the sacred and the spiritual component of man, does not put the emphasis on gender, religion, position in life. He recreated the atmosphere when simple things keep and convey the high and the divine. And every detail here says it: the unique shape of the patterns on the shell, hands made of resin, sacred water. Each of the elements tells its own story, but together they create an individual story and feeling for each person», - explained the author and curator of the exhibition Anvar Musrepov.

Near Almaty artists visited the reserve Altyn-Emel. The center of attention was a sandy hill

known as the «singing dune». The phenomenon of nature is famous for the fact that in dry weather, the movement of sand reproduces a sound reminiscent of the sound of the organ. Some of the folk legends tell the story of the sound of bells from the buried under the sand of the city, according to other information – folk tales claim that there is a tomb of Genghis Khan and the sound of the mountain displays his mental anguish. To plunge into the world of mystical and mysterious, you do not need to go far. It is enough to come to the TSE Art Destination gallery at 33a Respublika Avenue.


The exhibition will run until October 26, 2018. Admission is free.

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