Best masters of Brazilian JIU-jitsu will perform in Astana

In honor of its 20th anniversary Astana invites athletes of Kazakhstan and foreign countries to the Open Republican tournament of JIU-jitsu in the section «Brazil systems» for the Cup of the capital. Competitions will be held from 5 to 7 October in the walls of the sports complex «Daulet».

The initiators and organizers of the large-scale event were the Association of JIU-jitsu of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the support of the Ministry of culture and sports and akimat of Astana. The main message of the upcoming event is to attract as many people as possible to a healthy lifestyle and sport, and at the same time the development, promotion of JIU-jitsu and its directions in the country. Teams of the Asian and Oceania continent, as well as other countries, regional teams, Astana and Almaty cities can take part in the Republican tournament. Age of athletes allowed to compete, from 6 to 45 years with the following separation of belts: white, blue, purple, brown, black.

On October 5, it is planned to arrive and settle athletes, as well as weighing for boys and girls aged 6 to 15 years. Directly competitions will be held on October 6 and 7 in sports complex «Daulet». All residents and guests of the capital will be able to visit the Cup and watch the competitions of athletes, the entrance to the event is free.

On October 6, from 10:00 to 14:00 there will be competitions among children. On the same day, at 14:00, the official opening ceremony of Astana Cup of JIU-jitsu will be held. In addition, from 14:00 to 15:30 within the «Astana Jiu-Jitsu Cup 2018» in the shopping and entertainment center «Khan Shatyr» will be held a charity seminar from the world champion in Brazilian JIU-jitsu Alan Finfou and other world stars in JIU-jitsu.

On Sunday, October 7, the competition in the sports complex «Daulet» will be held from 10:00 am. Absolute fights for the title of the winner will begin at 19: 00. Cup Astana Jiu-Jitsu Cup will end supershuttle for the championship belt between Kazakhstani athlete Darkhan Northeim and Brazilian Arthur Lanacom and Nurzhan Sadali and Lucas Pinheiro. For reference: Darkhan of Nortel – world champion in JIU-jitsu, 2016 (Poland), Asian champion 2018 (Aktau), champion of the XVIII Summer Asian Games (Indonesia), master of sports of the international class; Nurzhan Sabali – world champion in JIU-jitsu 2017 (Colombia), Asian champion 2018 (Aktau), the bronze prize-winner of the XVIII Summer Asian Games (Indonesia), master of sports of international class. In addition, the audience will see the title fight between the stars of Brazilian JIU-jitsu.

Superboy will be the culmination of Astana Jiu – Jitsu Cup-masters from Brazil Alan Finfou and Gustavo Campos will come together in an uncompromising struggle for the championship belt. It should be noted that guests from Brazil are one of the titled jitters not only in the South American region, but also in the world. The winners of the tournament will receive commemorative medals from the organizers. And the winners of the absolute weight categories in the sections blue, purple, brown, black belts in the category «adult» will be awarded with cash prizes. The total prize Fund of the competition is 15 thousand US dollars.

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