On October 10 starts admission of documents under the state housing construction program «Nurly jer»

Department of employment and social protection of Astana city, announces acceptance of documents for the waiting list consisting on the account in need of housing from municipal housing Fund in Astana, within the framework of State housing construction program «Nurly jer”.

In order to provide housing for the General population, the state program of housing construction «Nurly Zher» (hereinafter - program) was approved by the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 22, 2018 № 372.

Under this Program, the implementation of housing in the direction of «Housing joint stock company «Housing construction savings bank of Kazakhstan» for all categories of the population is provided.

Currently, between the akimat of Astana and the joint-stock company «Housing construction savings Bank of Kazakhstan» signed a cooperation Agreement for implementation of the 21 apartments with the price per 1 sq m of housing 120 thousand tenge 4 class comfort, is located in an apartment complex in the area of the intersection of № 23-31, 23-16, 23-17, 23-30, A98 (project names) in Astana. Of them:

3 one – bedroom apartments ranging from 39.4 to 42,48 sq m;

15 one – bedroom apartments ranging from 58,43 to 57,59 sqm;

3 – bedroom apartments ranging from 76,97 to 78,06 sq. m.

Housing is provided to the property through direct repurchase from housing loans, housing construction savings or own funds. In case of failure to confirm the solvency of the housing can be provided for rent with redemption for a period of not more than 8 years.

According to the terms of the Program in this area can participate citizens who are registered in need of housing from the municipal housing fund (waiting list) in Astana in the following categories: orphans, children left without parental care; persons equated to the disabled and participants of the great Patriotic war; pensioners by age; oralmans; single-parent families; civil servants, military personnel, employees of special state bodies, employees of budgetary organizations.

Acceptance of documents in this direction will be carried out (electronically) only through the web portal e.astana.kz using the electronic digital signature of the applicant (hereinafter – EDS), in the period from October 10 to October 12, 2018 (inclusive). The portal is open 24 hours a day.

Basic requirements for applicants for housing:

1) citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the status of oralman; 

2) the presence of permanent registration at the place of residence in Astana for at least two last years and more on the date of application;  

3) absence on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the participant of the Program and permanently living with him members of his family (spouse, minor children), as well as other family members included in the family and specified in the application, rental housing with purchase or housing on the right of ownership (common joint property, share in the common joint (share) property of other family members referred to in this subparagraph, as a unit of housing), except:  

the availability of rooms in dormitories., useful area of less than 15 square meters for each family member; houses Adobe and frame-reed type in disrepair, threatening collapse (collapse), which is confirmed by the relevant certificate of the local Executive body at the location of the dwelling;

4) absence of the facts of intentional deterioration of housing conditions by the participant of the Program and permanently living with him members of his family (spouse (s), minor children), as well as other family members included in the family and specified in the application, through the exchange of premises or the alienation of housing belonging to him on the right of ownership, within the last 5 (five) years on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;  

5) confirmation of the possibility of fulfillment of obligations by the relevant income under the conditions of housing sale (assessment of solvency).  

Within the framework of the Program, an application can be submitted only once during the period of acceptance of documents.

The application must be submitted directly from the waiting list, consisting on the account of those in need of housing from the municipal housing stock.  

If the applicant is not on the waiting list, the application will be canceled. Before filling the form through the portal should refer to the instructions for the submission of the application.  

Applicants for housing must submit the following documents:  

1) application for a certain type of apartment (hereinafter-the application);

2) a document certifying the identity of the applicant and his family members;  

3) address certificate of registration of the applicant and his family members permanently residing with him at the place of residence;  

4) certificate of marriage / divorce, death of the spouse (- GI), birth of children, notarized statement that the applicant is not married; 

5) a certificate of the presence or absence of the applicant and his family members permanently residing with him housing belonging to them on the right of ownership, or rental housing with purchase in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 

6) a certificate of registered rights to real estate and its technical characteristics (in the presence of shares, houses Adobe and frame-reed type, rooms in dormitories), as well as documents confirming the emergence of ownership in these cases;

7) the court's decision on the recognition of other persons of the applicant family;  

8) a certificate of salary;  

9) a certificate from the place of work;

10) information on registration of those in need of housing, indicating the number of priority or unique number (at the time of application for participation in the program);

11) documents confirming the applicant's attitude to the category defined by article 67 of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «on housing relations».

If necessary, citizens can be invited by employees of the state institution «Astana office of employment and social protection» to provide additional documents or clarify the information submitted by the applicant.

Family composition (number of family members) does not affect the area of the claimed apartment, applicants indicate the type of apartment depending on their own wishes.

Preliminary selection among the applicants will be made by the housing Commission under the mayor's office of Astana for the sale of housing Under the program of housing construction «Nurly Zher» (hereinafter – commission) according to the lists of housing in need and the date of registration.

After assessing the solvency of the selected applicants, the Commission approves the final lists of participants of the program, which are published on the Internet resource of Astana akimat.

Within the framework of the program, it is allowed to purchase housing or rent with the purchase of no more than 1 unit in all directions of the program and in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

For more information or technical problems when applying on the web portal e.astana.kz, there is a single contact center iKomek of Astana akimat.

Any use of materials is only permitted with an active hyperlink to the official website of the city of Nur-Sultan http://astana.gov.kz

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