City authorities have warned real estate investors

According the official website of capital akimat, with control and the quality of the urban environment together with the Prosecutor's office of Astana city has identified a number of violations of the Law «On share participation in housing construction» in the course of systematic monitoring of citizens.

 Attention real estate investors!

According to requirements of point 2 of article 3 of the law attraction of money of physical and legal entities for construction of houses (residential buildings) in violation of the requirements established by the law is forbidden.

The above-mentioned direct prohibitions, provided by the law, were adopted in connection with the vicious practice of developers, expressed in non-fulfillment of obligations to individuals and legal entities for the construction of housing, including in violation of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on equity participation in housing construction.

As a result of illegal activities of unscrupulous developers in the territory of Astana, there are problematic objects, the construction of which is not conducted or is conducted with a significant backlog. In this connection, the staff of the akimat and the Prosecutor's office are working to prevent similar situations in the future.

 According to the results of the revealed violations, 15 construction companies have been brought to administrative responsibility:


 p / p

 Name of the object



 Multi-storey residential complex «Korkem Tover»

 LLP «Industrial Innovation Group»


 Residential complex «Orynbor towers (1-3) - 22 floors» 2nd stage

 LLP «Kaz Industrial group»


 Residential complex « Bi-City Seoul «(7th stage from 20.02.2018)

LLP «Premier Palace»


 Residential complex «Crocus City «(1st stage)

LLP «Altyn Dala Astana»


 LCD «Kamal-5» 5

LLP «Town House»


 Residential complex «Dream City», 2nd line

LLP «Happy»


Residential complex «Kristall-2»

 LLP «Astanatelecom”


 Residential complex «Inzhu»

LLP «Kaztemirtrans-2012»


LCD «Altyn Otau»

LLP «Arzan 777»


SWC on the street and Baitursynov str A77

LLP «SAT Construction Group»


 LCD «Expo new life»

 LLP «Shang Hy group»


 LCD «Park Avenue Exclusive»

 LLP «ABK-Technological equipment»


 LCD «Green Wich»

LLP «Astana Kurylys Installation of NS»


 LCD «Sports Academy»

LLP «Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan»


 LCD «Neva city»

LPP «Luxor.kz Company»


Requirements on the conclusion of the CONTRACT


  1. Agreement on equity participation in housing construction shall be in writing and shall be deemed concluded from the moment of its registration in local executive body.


  1. Attraction of money of shareholders is carried out by the authorized company on the basis of permission of local executive body.


  1. The authorized company provides for review to individuals and legal entities that have applied for the conclusion of the contract on equity participation in housing construction, full information about the construction project.


  1.  If the authorized company provides incomplete and inaccurate information, the shareholder has the right to apply to the court for recognition of the contract on participation in housing construction invalid.



 - other ways of concluding contracts and raising money of shareholders are prohibited.


- The developer and (or) the authorized company has the right to advertise the project of construction of a residential house (residential building), indicating that the agreements on equity participation in housing construction will be concluded only after the conclusion of the contract on the provision of a guarantee with the guarantee Fund or the issuance of a permit to attract money of shareholders by the local Executive body. The advertisement must contain information about the developer and the authorized company.


Any use of materials is only permitted with an active hyperlink to the official website of the city of Nur-Sultan http://astana.gov.kz

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