Employers were encouraged for active employment of persons with disabilities

In the city recorded the lowest unemployment rate in the country - 4.5%. According to the official website of capital akimat, this figure is lower than the national by 0.4 points.

A program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship is being actively implemented in the city, measures are being taken to increase the coverage of those in need with employment measures, including training for employers at the expense of the local budget. This year, together with NCE «Atameken», a list of the most popular and new professions in the labor market of the capital was determined. Training within its framework is carried out on the basis of educational institutions and training complexes of entrepreneurs.

As the head of the Department of employment, labor and social protection Yermek Ospanov noted at a meeting in the akimat on social responsibility of business, the city authorities are doing a lot of work on social protection of persons with disabilities.

«More than 120 thousand people are covered by social support in Astana. The city has the only social service Center in the Republic. In the city free access of disabled people to objects of social infrastructure (objects of health care, education, culture and sports – a Bus is provided.). Access to buildings is provided in the form of access roads, ramps, lifts for the disabled, tactile plans and slabs. Today, 568 out of 774 social facilities have been adapted in Astana. Also purchased 800 new buses equipped with a ladder. On the roads of the city there are pedestrian crossings and special traffic lights with a sound signal. If the arrangement of yards and parks provide for special courts and exercise equipment for people with disabilities», – said the speaker.

However, according to him, the problem is the formation of an accessible environment in the business sphere. Adaptation for today be 206 SMEs.

«Unfortunately, all our meetings with business representatives did not lead to results. As of today, these facilities were not available for people with special needs, and remain», - he complained and asked entrepreneurs to provide unhindered access to entertainment centers and shopping facilities for people with disabilities.

He also called for their employment. In General, according to him, 24,148 persons with disabilities are registered in Astana, 14,170 of them are working, but in fact only 6,017 people, or 42%, work today. And this is despite the fact that for the employment of persons with disabilities for employers a quota of 2 to 4% of the number of employees. Also, the program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship provides for subsidizing the costs of employers in the creation of special jobs for persons with disabilities in the amount of 300 thousand tenge per person.

«Dear employers, you have a quota and you are obliged to employ persons with disabilities. For failure to fulfill this quota, an administrative fine is provided. But in this case, we believe that the main thing is not the imposed fine, but the social responsibility of the employers themselves. The problem is the employment of persons released from prison and registered with the probation service. For today on the account they consist of 1579 people. In total, during the reporting period, the employment Center employed 152 people. Despite the established quota of 1 per cent, there is often no employment for these persons. But you understand that the main thing in the matter of their socialization and reducing the level of relapse is the issue of employment. But, unfortunately, employers do not understand this responsibility», - the speaker concluded.

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