Heart of a dog

According to the official website of capital akimat, in Astana operate kennels and shelters, where you can take your four-legged friend to assist or take affectionate and intelligent friend home.

A lot of animals remain on the street, and the reasons are very different. Someone ran away from home or lost, someone on the street threw irresponsible owners, and someone was born there. Come to the aid of people who care. Today in Astana there are four private shelters for homeless cats and dogs and one state temporary detention, as well as volunteer associations and communities that provide free assistance in the maintenance of four-legged.

«Asenka» - a shelter for homeless animals this shelter is organized and opened by volunteers-simple people who love animals, have heart and compassion.

The shelter exists on the voluntary donations of people who actually know what pain, pity, evil, mercy and great love for the neighbor. There is always a need for ordinary human help, medicines, food, bowls and more. You can always help in the transportation or treatment of shaggy or take home a pet. All the necessary information about the shelter is in social networks.

«Ark» - a private shelter for cats

It opened in 2013. The shelter exists only through voluntary donations of people who love animals. It is located in the area of the sawmill. At the moment, the cattery is home to more than 200 cats and several dogs. You can help in the acquisition of necessary things and feed, shelter found the animal.

Dog shelter «Way to home”

The main purpose of the shelter is to help homeless and abandoned dogs. Today more than 100 animals live there. Thoroughbred and yard, large and small, fluffy and smooth, each with its own temper. And each gets into the shelter for different reasons: hit by a car, accidentally ran away from home, stolen. Everyone who came to the shelter from the street knows what hunger and cold are. And each of them needs affection, care and attention. After all, today, seeing the announcement in the social networks of the shelter, you can return your pet home or give a new loving shelter.

The shelter animals overexposure point «Lucky»

This is not a typical shelter. It offers the following types of overexposure: for homeless animals-overexposure in non-residential, insulated, heated room on a fee basis; for pets-home overexposure (in the apartment). The paragraph offers the following conditions: overexposure for homeless animals - 200 tenge per day + food + filler (for cats), payment for 30 days in advance. Overexposure for Pets-400 tenge per day + food + filler. To receive pet overexposure you need to pay for the upkeep of a pet 30 days in advance to obtain from the veterinarian a certificate of the condition of the animal. It is advisable to vaccinate the animal.

At the same time, there is a temporary shelter «Astana vetservice» in the city. Today it contains more than 600 animals. Cats and dogs receive shelter here for 60 days. Upon receipt of the necessary procedures for inspection, vaccination of animal, dogs mandatory chiprout. If the owner wants to take his cat or dog, accidentally run away from home, or give her shelter, you must sign a contract on responsibility for the pet. For each animal that has found its owner, a passport is registered.

All additional information is available on the official websites and social pages of the shelters.

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